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The world’s largest live rabbit

The world’s largest ram rabbit was bred by a woman named Edwards in Worcestershire, England. Just look at the “Guinness World Record” it holds. Its body is 1.3 meters long and weighs 22.5 kilograms (22.5 kilograms). It is recognized as the “king of rabbits”. Its owner Edwards said that “Darius” eats more than ten carrots and other large amounts of grass food every day.

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The world’s 10 largest rabbits?

Chinese white rabbit: It is an excellent breed cultivated by the working people of our country for a long time. It is distributed all over the country. Because most of them are white, it is called the Chinese white rabbit. The Chinese white rabbit is a rabbit variety that can be used for both skin and meat, and is mainly used for meat, so it is also called a vegetable rabbit. The Chinese white rabbit is small and compact in size, and the skin plate is thicker. The head is delicate, the ears are short and erect, the eyes are red, and the mouth is pointed. Adult rabbits weigh 15-25 kilograms. The reproductive power is strong, and it can produce 5-6 litters a year. It can produce up to 10 litters per litter. Generally, the litter size is 8-9, and the breeding rate is relatively high. However, the Chinese white rabbit is small in size, slow in growth and poor in meat production performance. It needs to be further improved. Vigorously carry out the breeding work of Chinese white rabbits.

Himalayan rabbit: also known as the five black rabbits, is native to the north and south regions of the Himalayas. China is the main origin. After long-term breeding, it has become an excellent rabbit breed that is widely raised for both skin and meat. At present, in addition to China, the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries have raised. Himalayan rabbits are compact in size, with pale red eyes and soft covers. The ears, nose, lower limbs and tail are pure black. The constitution is strong, resistant to rough feeding, and has strong reproductive power. It is a good breeding material. For example, cyan blue and California rabbits contain the blood of Himalayan rabbits. The adult weight of Himalayan rabbits is 27–31 kilograms. Due to the beauty of the fur color, rabbits are also bred into ornamental breeds abroad.

Japanese big-eared white rabbit: It is a rabbit breed that is bred for both skin and meat based on Chinese white rabbits in Japan. It is larger and weighs 4-5 kilograms for adults. The coat is tight, pure white, red-eyed, the ears are large and upright, the roots are thin, the ear tips are pointed, and the shape is like willow leaves. The constitution is strong, mature early, and grows quickly. The reproductive power is strong, generally 5-9 litters per litter, and the weight of the newborn rabbit is 45 grams, up to 55 grams. The big-eared white rabbit is an ideal experimental rabbit variety due to its large ears, white skin and clear blood vessels.

Blue Purple Blue Rabbit: It is an excellent variety for both skin and meat. It is a French breeder’s domestic blue Beveron Rabbit. It was bred by crossbreeding between Galen Rabbit and Himalayan Rabbit. It is named after the similarity between the coat color and the blue purple beast blue. This product is widely distributed in the world. It comes in three different types: standard, American, and giant, but they are all gray-blue.

Standard cyan-blue rabbits are smaller in size. Adult female rabbits weigh 27-36 kilograms and male rabbits weigh 25-34 kilograms. American cyan-blue was introduced by the United Kingdom in 1919. Mata has mutated. Adult female rabbits weigh 45-54 kilograms and male rabbits weigh 41-50 kilograms. Giant cyan-blue is a hybrid of Frande giant rabbits. It is a giant meat breed. Adult female rabbits weigh 59–73 kilograms and male rabbits weigh 54–68 kilograms. Blue purple blue physique, strong adaptability, docile temperament, fast growth; fertility and lactation are good, each litter is generally 6-8 head, the birth weight is about 45 grams, 40 days up to 09–10 kg, 90 days weight of 22–23 kg.

Flower giant rabbit: its origin is unknown, but it is very famous in Germany. The body shape is thick and short. The coat color is black flowers on a white background. The most typical sign is that there is a black dorsal line on the back, black mouth ring, dark circles under the eyes, and the color is beautiful and generous. Some rabbits grow and develop quickly, have strong disease resistance, and are large in size. The adult weight is 5–6 kg. The fertility city, each litter has 11–12 litters, and the highest is 17–19. The birth weight is 75 grams, the weight is 11-125 kg in 40 days, and the weight is 25-27 kg in 90 days. The main disadvantage is that the litter size is unstable, the lactation ability is not good enough, and the motherhood is not strong.

Beverun Rabbit: Native to the area of Beverun, Belgium, it is a rabbit that uses both skin and meat. The coat is soft, dense and shiny, and the leather plate is excellent. There are white, blue and black strains. This breed has a strong physique and a well-developed hindquarters. When viewed from the back down, the hindquarters are hypertrophic; when viewed from the side, the buttocks are developed and towering, with a good lute shape. The head is delicate, the eyes are blue, and the ears are long and wide. The tail is large and slightly wide, close to the buttocks, and the reproductive power is not strong. Each litter gives birth to 5–6 Adult female rabbits weigh 41–5 kilograms, male rabbits 36–45 kilograms.

Saibei Rabbit: It is a new breed of large-scale skin and meat selected by Zhangjiakou Agricultural College of Hebei Province using the cross between French ram and Belgian rabbit. The rabbit grows fast and has a large individual, with an average daily weight gain of 25–28 grams. The adult weight is 6–65 kilograms, and the weight after fattening can reach 75–8 kilograms. The average litter is 7-8 litters, and the number can reach 15. Adult female rabbits can produce 5-6 litters a year. Strong fertility and good motherhood. Primary female rabbits generally do not need artificial breastfeeding. Strong disease resistance. Resistant to rough feeding and well adapted. Widely welcomed in our country.

Harbin White Rabbit: Abbreviated as Ha White Rabbit. It is a large-scale rabbit that has been cultivated by the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences after more than 10 years of research. It has high fertility, fast growth, resistance to coarse food, strong adaptability, and stable genetics. It can produce 6-7 litters per year, with an average of 883 litters. It can weigh 1-125 kilograms in 45 days. Adult rabbits generally weigh more than 6 kilograms and can reach a maximum of 8.

The world’s largest rabbit breed

Darius, a 5-year-old rabbit in Worcester, England, has been recognized as the world’s largest rabbit by the Guinness Book of Records. It is 1.22 meters long, weighs 22.5 kilograms, and eats 12 carrots and other large amounts of food every day.

According to US media reports, Darius, a 5-year-old rabbit in Worcester, England, has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest rabbit in the world. It is 1.22 meters long and weighs 22.5 kilograms. It eats 12 carrots and other large amounts of food every day, which is equivalent to eating 4,000 US dollars (about 24,891 yuan) per year.

Darius’s owner, Annette Edwards, said that Darius eats 4,000 carrots every year. She said: “Darius never wants to stop eating. It’s greedy and I have to watch it.”

But carrots are not the only food Darius eats. “I told Darius to eat as much of his favorite hay as possible, but he always wanted more food,” Edwards said. “I have to watch carrots, he loves carrots a lot, especially the green tops. Darius has a good character, so I can’t be angry when he tries to steal more food. Darius almost ate up my house.” Darius is a breed of Continental Giant rabbit (Continental Giant), and Annette Edwards, a former pet shop owner, estimates that Darius will not be mature until another half a year later.

For the past few years, Darius has been competing with another rabbit named Ralph for the title of the largest rabbit in the world. But because of his carrot-eating binge, Darius finally defeated Ralph.

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