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The weight of a little sparrow is 81 grams, which is exactly 40 times that of a hummingbird. How many grams does a hummingbird weigh?………….

Let a hummingbird weigh x grams, according to the meaning of the question: 40x = 81x = 81/40 = 2.025 A hummingbird weighs 2.025 grams

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How many kilograms is the heaviest sparrow?

The heaviest is only a few kilograms. Sparrows are relatively small birds, generally only a few tens of grams in weight. Sparrows are about the same size. The heaviest bird cannot have a few kilograms, because kg is kilograms. Large birds like chickens and ducks may have a few kilograms. Small birds like sparrows cannot have a few kilograms. The heaviest one is tens of grams and 00 kilograms.

How much rice do sparrows eat at a time?

is a very interesting question. Sparrows are small birds, and they need to consume an appropriate amount of food every day to maintain normal life activities. However, due to their small size, sparrows do not eat much rice at one time.

According to studies, a sparrow needs to consume about 5% to% of its body weight as food every day. The weight of a sparrow is usually around 2 grams, so a sparrow needs to consume about 2 grams of food a day. The density of rice is about. 6 grams/ml, and the amount of rice eaten by a sparrow at a time is about 1.7 ml to 3.3 ml.

Of course, this is only a rough estimate. In fact, the food intake of a sparrow will be affected by various factors, such as environmental conditions, seasonal changes and differences between individual birds. In general, sparrows do not eat a lot of rice at one time, but they can meet their energy needs by eating a lot.

The lightest bird in the world is the hummingbird. A sparrow weighs 81 grams, which is 1.6 grams heavier than a hummingbird’s…

A hummingbird weighs 1.6 grams. According to the meaning of the question, a sparrow weighs 81 grams, which is more than 50 times that of a hummingbird. Then the mass of a hummingbird = (81-1)/50 = 1.6 grams So a hummingbird weighs 1.6 grams.

How many kilograms each does a hummingbird and a sparrow weigh?

A hummingbird weighs about 2 grams. It is impossible to weigh 2 kilograms. A hummingbird weighing 2 kilograms cannot fly at all because of its own weight. So a hummingbird should weigh about 2 grams. Generally speaking, birds that can fly are not very heavy. They are also constantly evolving their own adaptations to the environment. It is impossible for their bodies to grow to 2 kilograms.

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