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The weight and size of the sterile bag?

1 is determined according to the specific product and use. 2 It is usually determined according to the size and quantity of the packaged items. Larger items or more items require larger size and heavier sterile bags to ensure the integrity and safety of the package.3 At the same time, it will also be affected by transportation and storage considerations. Lighter and compact sterile bags can reduce transportation costs and storage space, and improve efficiency. 4 Choosing the appropriate sterile bag weight and size can ensure that the sterile state of the item is effectively protected, and it is convenient to carry and use. Therefore, when choosing a sterile bag, it is necessary to weigh and choose according to specific needs and use scenarios.

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How much is 20 packs of anti-crack mortar?

20 packs of anti-crack mortar weigh 1 ton.

The dry density of roof insulation mortar is 400kg/m3. 1 bag is about 40kg, so 1 ton has 25 bags.

A ton of thermal insulation mortar is 20 packs according to a pack of 25kg. According to the construction specifications, the thickness of thermal insulation mortar (anti-crack mortar) is required to be 5 cm, and it can be plastered 160-180 square meters if there is a little material waste.

What is the limited weight of the Pinduoduo return package shipping fee?

The limited weight of the Pinduoduo return package shipping fee is within 5 kg. If the product you bought at Pinduoduo has quality problems or does not meet the description, you can apply for a return. After the return application is approved, Pinduoduo will provide you with free shipping information, including the return pickup address and return waybill number. However, it should be noted that the packaging should be in good condition when returning the goods, and the goods should not be damaged. In addition, if the number of returned goods is more than 1 piece, the number of goods returned each time cannot exceed 50% of the order quantity of the same goods. If you encounter return-related problems, you can contact Pinduoduo customer service to solve it.

The weight of 30 packs of paper?

Answer: How much is 30 packs of Jierou paper? There is no specific answer to this question, because the size and packaging of Jierou paper are different, so the weight is different. If a pack is 100 grams of Jierou paper, then 30 packs are 3000 grams. If a pack is 200 grams of Jierou paper, then 30 packs are 6000 grams. To know how heavy 30 packs of Jierou paper are, it depends on the weight of each pack

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