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The Vampire Diaries cast list in English?

The VampireDiaries cast list § Nina Dobrev as ElenaGilbertKatherinePierce heroine,!~ § Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore (male first) § IanSomerhalder as Damon Salvatore (male second, I like it to death~ I love DAMON!) § Candice Accola as CarolineForbes (I’ve always liked her, more and more in season 2) § Katerina Graham as Bonnie Bennett (witch, heroine’s FRIEND) § Zach Roerig as MattDonovan (C’s boyfriend, season 2 is out) § Kayla Ewell as Vicki Donovan (the sister of the above person, who died long ago, but there seems to be a cameo in season 3) § MelindaClarke as kellydonovan (I forgot, but it’s just a minor role) § Michael Trevino as TylerLockwood (werewolf!~ like C) § StevenR. McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert (the protagonist’s younger brother, quite handsome) § Sara Canning as Jenna Somers (the protagonist’s aunt) § Matthew Davis as AlaricSaltzman (likes the guy above, is a vampire hunter but is friends with DS) § Malese Jow as Annabelle (died in the first season, but seems likely to resurrect as a cameo in the third season) § Beard as Carrie Pearl (the guy’s mother, died a long time…) § ArielleKebbel as Lexi (quite liked her but was killed by D in the first season) § MiaKirshner as Isobel Flemming (the protagonist’s mother) § Taylor Kinney as Mason Lockwood (new character in the second season, brother of the last werewolf) § Lauren Cohan as Rose (second season character, dead, but I think she’s in love with D!) § Daniel Gillies as Elijah (Season 2 character, the vampire ancestor is a vampire who loves his family and is killed by his brother) Joseph Morgan as Klaus (Season 2 character, the originator of the vampire, the werewolf and the vampire are combined, and the curse is lifted) Although I didn’t share it, I was a little disappointed, TT hope these will be useful to you (typed hand in hand)

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