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The steps and sequence of sunscreen?

Hello, the steps and sequence of sunscreen are as follows:

best facial sunscreens for skin care routine

1. Cleansing the face: Use cleansing products to clean the face, remove dirt and oil, and allow the sunscreen to absorb better.

2. Moisturizing: Use moisturizing products to replenish skin moisture and enhance the protective effect of sunscreen.

3. Apply sunscreen: Apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen evenly to the face and other areas exposed to the sun, such as neck, arms, etc. Pay attention to avoid the eyes and lips.

4. Repeat application: Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours in cases where prolonged sun exposure is required.

5. Pay attention to washing: Use makeup remover products to wash the face at night and completely remove sunscreen and other cosmetics.

Summary: Cleanse the face – Moisturize – Apply sunscreen – Repeat application – Pay attention to washing.

Recommended sunscreen suitable for applying to the face?

The following are recommended sunscreen suitable for applying to the face:

1. Estee Lauder Trace Whitening Sunscreen: Contains SPF50/PA , which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

2. Shiseido Anai Sunscreen Lotion: Moisturizes a refreshing texture and has good sun protection.

3. L’Oreal UV Anti-Wrinkle Sunscreen Rejuvenating Cream: Contains SPF50 and PA , which not only protects the skin from UV rays, but also prevents fine lines.

4. Sulwhasoo Moisturizing Softening Sunscreen: SPF50 sun protection factor, suitable for oily skin.

5. Chanel UV Protective Isolation Cream: A light texture that does not clog pores while still covering skin imperfections.

The correct order of sunscreen skin care products?

Using sunscreen is a very important skin care step. It can effectively prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. To achieve better sun protection effect, the correct order of use is also crucial. Generally speaking, the correct order of skin care is to use moisturizing products first, and then apply sunscreen. The specific order is as follows: 1. Use lotion/toner to replenish water after cleansing; 2. Use functional skin care products such as serum/repairing cream; 3. Use water-locking moisturizing products such as face cream; 4. Use sunscreen, generally need to use 15-20 minutes in advance to make it fully absorbed. The above steps are hierarchical, and applying them in sequence can help the skin fully absorb nutrients. In addition, it is also important to note that if makeup is required, it can only be applied after sunscreen, otherwise the sunscreen effect will be reduced.

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