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The skin care sequence of oily skin in the morning and evening and the skin care products you need should be more detailed,………..

In the evening, gently cleanse your face (Sanmu Preferred Xiaopu Cleansing, Dabao Tremella Hydrating, Skin Philosophical Cleansing, Dove Amino Acid, Frifangsi, Kerun, SK2… Choose according to your own economy)

morning skin care routine for oily skin

Cleansing mask once a week (Kiehl’s white mud or eve first aid mask)

Light and moisturizing lotion (such as topix containing some creams and lotions of green tea Dove, etc.)

During the day, wash your face with water, you don’t need to use cleansing products.

If necessary, you can use a simple toner, such as Zinger’s, barley water or various large sprays.

Then sunscreen (sunscreen can only be selected according to your own preferences. The more dry one is Anai Sun)

This is the basic skin care process.

If you need functional skin care, you need some essence and the like. This depends on your own needs.

What are the basic skin care steps for oily skin?

My oil-sensitive skin, the basic skin care is cleansing – essence milk – sunscreen – oil control and isolation – T area to strengthen oil control.

Oily skin produces a lot of oil, but there is no need for excessive cleansing. Just wash your face with amino acid cleansing, and the focus needs to be on skin care products.

In general: Essence lotion should control oil, sun protection should be light, isolation should control oil, and strengthened products should control oil.

Recommend Paula Pearl’s Essence Lotion, Sufina’s Oil Control Edition of Isolation Cream, the latter is the most oil-controlling product I have ever used, no two.

Then again, the daily diet should be light, and you need to go to bed early, otherwise there will be more oil on your face!

Correct skin care steps for oily skin?

The correct skin care steps are cleansing-astringent-moisturizing. Because oily skin is prone to oily light and large pores, you need to pay attention to thoroughly cleaning the skin, use oil-controlling and astringent lotions, and strengthen moisturizing to maintain the balance of skin water and oil. When cleansing, choose cleansing products that have strong cleansing power but do not irritate the skin, gently massage the skin and rinse off with water; when using lotions, choose lotions containing astringent agents, which can effectively shrink pores; finally use moisturizing lotions or serums to provide sufficient moisture for the skin. In addition, you also need to pay attention to washing your face frequently, avoiding spicy and irritating foods, and maintaining good work and rest habits, which all help control the oil secretion of the skin.

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