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The skin care products endorsed by the seventh season of Extreme Challenge?

The skin care products endorsed by the seventh season of Extreme Challenge are Lifuquan

skin care routine challenge

In February 2021, Lifuquan officially announced that it would invite the positive energy idol combination Times Youth Troupe to serve as the Lifuquan mask ambassador. With full vitality and positive energy, we will jointly start a new “spring” can repair journey and “heal” every lovely you. Lifuquan has always adhered to the brand’s original intention of “science and love”, is committed to cutting-edge research in the field of dermatology, and has been recommended by many dermatology experts around the world.

How can a novice do a skin care product live broadcast?

As a newbie, there can be some challenges with conducting a skincare live stream. Here are some tips to help you get started with a skincare live stream:

1. Learn about the product: Before going live, dig into the skincare products you want to promote. Learn about the ingredients, efficacy, how to use the product, and precautions, etc.

2. Identify your target audience: Determine who your target audience is before starting a live stream. This will help you determine what language and style to use to attract them.

3. Plan the content of the live stream: Create a detailed plan that includes the products you want to introduce, demonstrate how to use them, and answer questions from the audience. Make sure your content is interesting, useful, and engaging.

4. Offer offers and giveaways: In order to attract a larger audience, you can offer some offers and giveaways. This can motivate the audience to buy your product.

5. Interact with the audience: During the live broadcast, interact with the audience as much as possible. Answer their questions, involve them in the discussion, or let them ask questions. This can build a good relationship and provide personalized service.

6. Regular live broadcast: Make a regular live broadcast plan and maintain consistency. This will help you build a stable audience and increase your visibility.

7. Utilize social media: Use social media to promote your live broadcast. You can post trailers, share your live content, and share audience feedback.

Finally, remember to be professional, honest, and focused on providing valuable content. This will help you earn the trust of your audience and advance your skincare live streaming career.

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