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The requirements of a male model?

The requirements of a male model should be considered from many aspects, such as the height, body shape, appearance, temperament, cultural foundation, professional feeling, and display ability of the male model.

piece of cake weight management

But the male model is more important to look at the measurements. The height of the male model is generally 1.80~ 1.90 meters, the chest circumference is 86~ 90 cm, the waist circumference is 63~ 78 cm, and the weight is between 70~ 80 kg.

At present, the uniform height of the international fashion model to participate in the performance is 1.86m. If the predetermined number of performers is not reached, the height can float up and down 2-3cm. Therefore, the height is 1.84-1. Men between 92m are all within the standard. But it is far from enough to be a male model with only height. You should have comprehensive qualities in all aspects.

With your current conditions, it is best to study in a professional school. As long as you have this dream, you can exercise more. It must be possible. At present, there is a better school in China called Harbin New Ideas Model School. The teachers there are very professional, very formal, and they teach well. They are very considerate of models! In a situation like yours, through the teacher’s guidance, you can practice your abdominal muscles, which is a piece of cake.

See if you are satisfied and standard in other places. You can also go to China Model Online to have a look, which has a lot of information about male models.

Will eating eight dumplings at noon make you fat?

Only eating eight dumplings at noon will not make you fat, don’t worry, because the fat content of his dumplings is not high, so you can eat a little.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting fat, you exercise a little every day, and then you can lose weight appropriately, so don’t worry, don’t worry, say that eating eight dumplings at noon will make you fat? Because it will not make you fat.

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