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The ratio of feeding to body weight for puppies?

The daily feeding amount for puppies should be determined according to weight and breed. Here are some basic guidelines that are generally applicable:

holistic select weight management for dogs

1. We divide the weight of dogs into 5-6 grades, with each grade separated by about 5 kg, which is convenient for calculation.

2. Generally, puppies should eat 3-5% of their body weight every day, that is, they should be fed in two or three meals a day, and each meal should be fed 3-5% of their body weight. For example, a 5kg puppy should be fed around 90-150 grams per meal.

3. Different breeds of puppies sometimes require different proportions of body weight to feed. Some large breeds require more food, while some small breeds require less.

4. Correct feeding should also pay attention to the calories and nutrients contained in each type of dog food, as these factors may affect the growth of puppies. Therefore, when feeding puppies, veterinarians should be consulted for advice and choose high-quality dog food.

Finally, it should be noted that the diet amount and weight ratio of puppies belong to general guidelines only. Each individual has different physique and growth needs. It is best to adjust it according to the specific situation of puppies.

What is the average weight of a dog?

After all dogs are separated from puppies and enter independent life. Throughout the growth and development period, they need to provide sufficient and rich protein, fat, carbon compounds, minerals and vitamins. Dogs can generally be divided into large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs. Large dogs, such as Alaska, Golden Retrievers, etc. Weight can reach more than 30 kilograms, medium-sized dogs, side shepherds, Shiba Inu, etc. Weight between 10 and 30 kilograms, small dogs generally weigh no more than 10 kilograms, usually larger than the weight of the female dog.

Does the size of a dog depend on how much it eats every day?

It is mainly determined according to the dog’s weight, body shape and exercise volume. It doesn’t matter if he eats more as long as he is not overweight.

Dog food:

The best food for dogs is dog food. If you can’t give it dog food and eat home-made food, you should pay attention to matching to ensure a balanced nutrition. Animal internal organs (note: do not feed pig liver for a long time, it will be poisoned), meat, corn flour, fish meat (note: the hard thorns of the fish may get stuck, it is best to pick them out), carrots, etc., can be dog food, cooked with almost no salt and fed. In addition, when feeding puppy dog food, you need to mix it with a little warm water.

Feeding frequency:

Birth – 12 weeks: 4-5 times/day; 12 weeks – 4 months: 3-4 times/day; 4 months – 1 year old: 2 times/day; after one year old: 1 time/day

Note: Puppies have poor control over hunger. Feed according to the feeding amount on the dog food manual to prevent gastrointestinal diseases caused by eating too much.

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