Weight management

The ratio of a dog’s food intake to its body weight?

The daily food intake of a dog is generally 4% -6% of its body weight. Adult dogs can be calculated using a 4% body weight ratio.

is weight management food good for my dog

For puppies, it can be calculated using a 6% ratio.

For example, if an adult dog is 10 kilograms, it is 10,000 grams, right? 4% is 400 grams.

3 meals a day is 135 grams per meal.

For puppies, for example, a 2.5kg puppy is 2500 grams.

6% is 150 grams. According to 3 meals, it is 50 grams per meal.

It depends on the weight.

What is the law that dogs cannot be fed too full?

Dogs are not full

For young dogs, they are not full. They will eat as much as the shit shoveling officer feeds them, so we often see some small milk dogs being fed with enlarged stomachs.

Feeding dogs too full can easily cause their gastrointestinal problems. They cannot fully digest too much food, resulting in excess food accumulating in the dog’s body, prone to symptoms of stomach pain, and in the long run, prone to gastroenteritis, gastric dilation and other diseases. For example, puppies with relatively weak bodies may also experience diarrhea, vomiting, and even life-threatening health in severe cases.

Obesity cannot be ignored

The most likely cause of excessive food intake is obesity. Nowadays, everyone’s aesthetic for dogs is that they are cute when they are chubby, but the side effects of obesity cannot be ignored.

Overweight dogs can damage their joints, make it difficult for them to walk, and obesity can also increase the risk of dogs suffering from diabetes and heart disease. Veterinarian Xiao Ming saw a news before that a dog was almost euthanized because of obesity. Fortunately, after meeting a kind person, he successfully lost weight.

Scientific feeding is king

Now that everyone is paying attention to scientific feeding, what kind of feeding method is the best for dogs? Veterinarian Xiao Ming suggested that the excrement shoveling officer adopt a feeding method of small and frequent meals, and do not give dogs those high-calorie and high-fat foods.

For things like snacks, you can occasionally reward dogs. Don’t develop the habit of eating snacks. And usually the shit shoveling officer should take them out for a walk regularly to ensure the daily amount of exercise and prevent them from gaining weight

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