Weight management

The proportion of fishmeal added to boar feed?

About 3% to 5%

managing boar weight

Adding an appropriate amount of fishmeal to boar feed can improve its production performance. The amount of fishmeal added to the feed is generally about 3% to 5%, but the specific amount needs to be adjusted according to various factors such as boar age, weight, breeding purpose, and ambient temperature.

The whole process of boar breeding?

1. The feeding of breeding boars

To ensure that breeding boars have good reproductive performance, improve their conception rate and litter size with matching sows, it is particularly important to strengthen feeding. The key is to ensure the need for protein in the feed, especially the balance of amino acids, especially lysine. Breeding boar feeding is divided into the breeding period and the non-breeding period. The nutritional level and feeding amount of the feed during the breeding period are higher than those in the non-breeding period.

The nutritional standards during the breeding period are: 12.97 MJ of digestible energy per kilogram of full-price compound feed, 15% of crude protein, and the daily feeding amount is 2.5-3.0 kg.

The nutrition standard in the non-breeding period is: the full-price compound feed contains 12. 55MJ per kilogram of digestible energy, 14% crude protein, and the daily feeding amount is 2.0-2.5kg.

It is strictly forbidden to feed toxic and harmful feeds such as mildew and deterioration, and it is fed three times a day.

2. Management of breeding boars

First, establish a good living system, and feed, sperm collection, breeding, exercise and brush test at fixed points. 1-2 year old boars can be bred or sperm collected 2-3 times a week, and boars over 2 years old can be bred 1-2 times a day. Old boars can be eliminated and replaced in time.

The second is to split into groups, which can be fed in a single lap or in small groups.

The third is to strengthen exercise. On the basis of free exercise of breeding boars, driving exercise should also be carried out every day. Once in the morning and afternoon, each exercise is 2 kilometers.

The fourth is to regularly check the quality of semen and weigh the weight.

The fifth is to regularly brush and test the pig body every day, shower and rinse in hot days, and regularly trim the hoof. At the same time, prevent the boar from biting the rack. Summer heat protection and winter cold protection.

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