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The principle of multiple ignition booster?

Automotive high-energy ignition booster belongs to an ignition device required by automobiles. It is characterized by using a high-frequency booster circuit to charge the capacitor through rectifier. The crystal diode is connected in series between the ignition coil and the ground. Since the electric energy is continuous and uninterrupted to charge the capacitor, and the conduction time of the transistor is very short, the device has a rapid discharge. The energy is sufficient. The sparks are strong. Bright, can burn under various conditions, can save 8-15% fuel after testing, and has a simple structure. Easy connection and other characteristics

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Is the multi-ignition booster effective?

It can only be said that it has an effect, but it is not very obvious

The current ignition time and size of the car are controlled by computer calculation

It is completely based on the execution of a complete set of procedures such as intake, fuel injection, and ignition

Simply increasing any one of them will not substantially improve the utilization rate of combustion

On the contrary, it will have a relatively large pressure on the ignition system. In addition, the current ignition coil is generally expensive

The use of EFI ignition program cgroup parts?

The use of EFI ignition program cgroup parts, through different environmental requirements, can choose the use of metal probe or ultraviolet photosensitive tube, can realize automatic ignition, flame indication, flameout alarm, signal transmission work automatically. EFI ignition program cgroup parts have the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong ignition, sensitive response, etc., can be widely used in various industries to monitor the flame generated by gas or liquid, flameout protection.

What is an ignition module?

The ignition module is also called an ignition controller. It can choose the use of metal probe or ultraviolet photosensitive tube according to environmental requirements, so as to realize automatic flame indication, automatic ignition, signal transmission work, flameout alarm.

Ignition modules in the automotive industry and hybrid integrated circuits, ignition switches, ignition coils, ignition distributors to form the ignition system.

The characteristics of the ignition module:

1, light weight

2, responsive

3, small size

4, strong ignition performance

30 horsepower single cylinder diesel engine Multiple?

30 horsepower single cylinder diesel engine weighs 180 kg.

Diesel engines are internal combustion engines fueled by diesel.

Diesel engines belong to compression ignition engines.

When a diesel engine is working, it sucks in the air in the cylinder of the diesel engine and is compressed to a high degree due to the movement of the piston, reaching a high temperature of 500 to 700 ° C. Then the fuel is sprayed into the high-temperature air in a mist form, mixed with the high-temperature air to form a combustible mixture, and automatically ignites and burns. The energy released during combustion acts on the top surface of the piston, pushing the piston and converting it into rotating mechanical work through the connecting rod and crankshaft.

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