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The order of use of Water Bazaar lyophilized powder?

Water Bazaar lyophilized powder should be used in the second step of cleansing. The details are as follows: After the Water Bazaar lyophilized powder is adjusted, use moisturizing water-lyophilized powder-eye cream-essence-lotion-face cream after cleansing in the morning and evening.

night care routine for combination skin

Precautions for using Water Bazaar lyophilized powder:

1. Water Bazaar lyophilized powder is used as the essence base of basic skin care. Just take an appropriate amount of lyophilized powder and apply it to the part that needs care.

2. It is best to use skin care products such as water milk essence after lyophilized powder is absorbed. Try not to mix skin care products with lyophilized powder, which may inhibit the activity of lyophilized powder and affect the effect.

3. Lyophilized powder can be used in the morning and evening. After mixing and dissolving lyophilized powder and lysase, use it directly after cleansing in the morning and evening, 2-3 times a day, and the time is not limited.

4. According to the official skin care method, lyophilized powder does not need to be used every day, but if you want to use lyophilized powder to repair the skin or rejuvenate the skin, it needs to be used strictly on time, 1-3 times a day, usually in a month cycle.

How to use beauty lotion and night cream?

, Step 1: Remove makeup

The first step in skin care at night is to remove makeup. Remove makeup carefully to avoid makeup remaining on the face. If long-term makeup removal is not clean, it will cause clogging of skin pores, and the pigment of makeup is easy to deposit on the face, causing facial spots. Only use barrier cream, sunscreen also need to use makeup remover to develop good habits.

2. Step 2: Wash your face

After removing makeup, what you need to do is to clean your facial skin, choose a suitable facial cleanser to clean your face; before washing your face with cleansing milk, it is recommended to use a conditioning cream first. The conditioning cream can rub out the oil particles and blackheads in the pores, effectively clean your face, wash your face with a facial cleanser after using the conditioning cream, massage your face for about 5 minutes, and then rinse your face with warm water.

3. Step 3: Apply the mask

After thoroughly cleaning the facial skin, dip a cotton pad in toner and apply it to the face, then apply a moisturizing mask, generally apply the mask for 15-20 minutes, it will be counterproductive if applied for too long. Remove the mask after about 15 minutes, massage and pat the essence of the face until absorbed, and then clean the face with water.

4. Step 4: Rub the toner

After applying the mask, what to do is to apply the toner to the face immediately to replenish moisture. Of course, after applying the toner, it is best to apply the essence of efficient repair and moisturization, which can replenish more interesting moisture for the skin.

5. Step 5: Apply night cream

After all the steps are completed, the last step is to apply night cream to lock in the skin’s replenished moisture. You can also use a refreshing lotion when the weather is hot, because not everyone is suitable for night cream. People with excessive sebum and oil secretion are not suitable for using night cream or can use some refreshing night cream; mixed skin types do not need to use night cream every day or avoid the T zone when using.

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