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The order of use of toner moisturizing cream?

It should be a moisturizing cream that uses toner first and then.

hydrating toner skin care routine

1. Before skin care and maintenance of cleansing products, cleaning is always the first step. Don’t underestimate cleaning, it is very important.

2. The function of lotion lotion is to clean again to restore the pH value of the skin surface, and condition the stratum corneum, so that the skin can absorb better, and prepare for the use of skin care products. Yi recommends using firming water for oily skin, toner for healthy skin, softener for dry skin, firming water for mixed skin T-zone, and sensitive water and repair water for sensitive skin.

3. The function of muscle bottom fluid is to increase the absorption of subsequent products. It should be used after makeup water and before essence milk/cream. The nutrients of muscle bottom fluid can activate cells, repair cells, increase cell vitality and defense ability, and play the function of repair and introduction; at the same time, most of them contain ingredients that are both hydrophilic and oil-friendly, which can disintegrate the moisture and oil in skin care products at the same time and be better absorbed by the skin; it is also matched with ingredients that soften and moisturize the cuticle, making it easier for the stratum corneum to absorb subsequent maintenance ingredients.

4. Eye cream It is customary to apply eye cream before the cream after water, but in fact, the order of eye cream does not matter much. Because the eye cream is only applied around the eyes, lotions and creams need to be avoided around the eyes. The scope of use of the two does not overlap, so the order depends on everyone’s habit.

5. Essence Essence generally has a high concentration of active ingredients, which has the effect of strengthening special purpose care, so that the skin can achieve a more obvious skin care effect. The molecules of essence are relatively small, and should be used before lotion and cream, otherwise the skin cannot absorb the essence well.

6. After using the essence of lotion or cream, you can apply lotion or cream. If it is oily skin, you can use only lotion, and if it is dry skin, you can use cream. The lotion is an oil-in-water emulsifier with a large water content, which can replenish moisture to the skin. It also contains a small amount of oil, which can moisturize the skin.

How to use hep lactose acid toner?

How to use is as follows: 1. Clean the face first; 2. Take an appropriate amount of hep lactose acid toner on a cotton pad; 3. Gently pat on the face, avoiding the eye area; 4. Then you can use the corresponding cream and essence and other skin care products for follow-up maintenance according to the needs of the skin. Because hep lactose acid toner has a gentle moisturizing effect, it can help the skin hydrate and moisturize after use and improve the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. At the same time, the use method is simple and convenient, no additional operations and complex steps are required, making it ideal for busy modern people.

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