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The order of use of the Xiurike color repair and light bottle?

Whitening and light spot group: color repair light-emitting bottle. The order is to apply the light-emitting bottle first and then color repair. You can apply it every night. If you apply it during the day, you must cover it with a high multiple of sunscreen. After eliminating acne, you must start to eliminate acne marks. The color repair is responsible for repairing red acne marks, and the light-emitting bottle is responsible for repairing brown old acne marks while removing freckles.

best night care routine for glowing skin

My forehead was full of acne marks before, and the red and brown acne marks were significantly reduced after two weeks of use. I have a scar constitution and a relatively slow metabolism, so after applying these essences, the acne marks disappeared much faster than before. I don’t have any spots on my face, so the freckle removal effect is not clear, but it is true that the skin tone is really brightened after using the luminous bottle for a week on the whole face.

How does Back to the Future glow at night?

It is impossible to glow because Back to the Future night is just an illusory scene, and there is no real Back to the Future. Luminescence requires matter or energy as the basis, and Back to the Future night is just an imagination, without any matter or energy as the basis, so it is impossible to glow. In reality, only certain substances will glow after being treated, such as fluorescent substances or Light Emitting Diode. In addition, there are many phenomena that also produce luminescence, such as lightning, flames, etc. Luminescence can be either a physical phenomenon or a chemical phenomenon, and it is widely used in science and technology, medical and other fields.

The correct way to use hbn luminous water milk for beginners?

Specific usage: 1. Use luminous water containing VC during the day, pat it directly on the face or apply it wet, you can use it every day, but be sure to pay attention to sunscreen, VC products can improve staying up late muscles and brighten skin tone!

2. Use HBN retinol essence milk at night instead of ordinary lotion for daily skin care, three to five times a week.

Remember that moisturizing and hydrating is the foundation. Be sure to hydrate well. At the same time, brush the combination of A luminous water retinol essence milk to improve dullness and anti-aging effect.

hbn luminous water 20 Use at night or in the morning?

HBN luminous water can usually be used at two times in the morning and evening. Use it in the morning to help provide the vitality you need for the day and protect the skin from the damage of the daytime environment. Using it at night can help repair damaged parts of the skin, promote cell regeneration, and allow the skin to be repaired and nourished at night. In general, HBN luminous water can be used at different times according to individual needs and different skin types, and taking into account the morning and evening will bring more comprehensive skin care results. Therefore, whether you choose to use it in the morning or at night, you need to decide according to your individual situation.

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