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The order of use of sk2?

Step 1: Amino acid mild cleansing facial cleanser

combination skin care routine day and night

This is the most important step in the order of use of Sk2 products. This facial cleanser has a light and fragrant taste. The foam that comes out is delicate and gentle. The skin will not be tight after washing. It can effectively improve the oil balance of the skin and make the face elastic.

Step 2: Rejuvenating Qingying Lotion

Qingying Lotion can be applied three times a week. You can use a cotton pad to apply a small amount to the face, mainly to dilute old keratin, cleanse the skin for the second time, and soften the skin. Don’t be greedy. If you use it every day, it will cause the thinning of the stratum corneum and cannot effectively protect the skin.

Step 3: Fairy Water Essence

The name of fairy water does not need to be mentioned more. When it comes to sk2, you must mention fairy water. It can not only replenish skin moisture but also improve the skin condition after sun exposure, and condition the skin’s water-oil balance and pH value balance.

Step 4: Fairy Water Skin Care Essence Lotion

After using the toner, the texture is refreshing and easy to absorb. It can improve the skin’s 5 dimensions, making the skin moist, tender and tough. It is best to pat the essence when using to achieve a good absorption effect.

Step 5: Small silver bottle or small light bulb

This part is a targeted repair. The small light bulb can improve the five major skin problems of dull, yellowing, redness, spots and uneven skin tone within a certain period of time, and has a significant whitening effect. The small silver bottle is suitable for friends with dry skin and easy spots. You can use it in advance to prevent them from becoming “yellow-faced women” in the future.

Step 6: Big Red Bottle Cream

It can improve the softness and elasticity of the skin. The cream has a faint aroma and a thick texture. It is refreshing and moisturizing when rubbed on the face, and will not feel greasy.

Step 7: Big Eye Cream

The texture of the eye cream is light yellow, non-sticky and easy to push away, which can quickly absorb the tight skin around the eyes and effectively improve fine lines and wrinkles.

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