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The order of use of Lancome plain skin care?

The Lancome plain skin care procedure is: cleansing, water (essence water), muscle bottom fluid, essence, eye cream, lotion (or face cream). The order of Lancome’s beauty series is: cleansing, repair condensation (this is essence water), muscle bottom fluid, rejuvenating essence milk, eye cream, lifting firming lotion or whitening and whitening cream.

lancome skin care routine

Morning: softening water → muscle bottom fluid → essence milk → eye cream → day cream.

Evening: softening water → muscle bottom fluid → essence milk → eye cream → night cream.

The correct way to apply Lancome water cream?

About this question, 1. Cleansing the face: Before using Lancome water cream, be sure to clean the face to ensure that the skin can fully absorb the nutrients in Lancome water cream.

2. Take an appropriate amount of water cream: Take out an appropriate amount of Lancome water cream, about the size of a mung bean.

3. Dot on the face: Dot on the five areas of the face: forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

4. Apply evenly: Gently apply the Lancome water cream to the face with the pulp of your fingers, which can be massaged until fully absorbed.

5. Massage the neck: If necessary, you can also apply the Lancome water cream to the neck, and massage the same gently until fully absorbed.

6. Sunscreen: If necessary, you can apply the sunscreen after the water cream to effectively avoid sun damage.


1. When applying the Lancome water cream, massage gently to avoid pulling and rubbing the skin.

2. Before using Lancome water cream, make sure that the skin has been fully cleaned to avoid the impact of external pollution on the skin.

3. If your skin has special needs, you can choose targeted Lancome water cream products, such as anti-aging, moisturizing, etc., to meet different skin needs.

Lancome Aurora use order?


Cleansing Wet the face, then take an appropriate amount of cleansing products in the palm of your hand to make a rich foam, apply it evenly to the mask, rub and massage, and then rinse off with water to avoid residues.


Aurora Water Wet a cotton pad with shaken Aurora Water, wipe the skin, focus on wiping on the nose, corners of the mouth and other parts, and then you can gently press with both hands to speed up the skin’s absorption.


Essence Take an appropriate amount of essence product in the palm of your hand, use the temperature of your palm to heat it up, then apply it evenly to the face, massage to make the skin absorb.


Cream Take a lotion or cream, apply it to your forehead, chin, cheeks, and tip of the nose, push the cream away from the inside out and bottom up, and cover the face evenly to moisturize the skin. If it is mixed oily skin, choose one of lotions and creams to prevent oily skin.

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