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The order of skin care and bathing?

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1. Take a shower Some people think that taking a shower is as simple as standing under the shower head and showering directly. In fact, this is also exquisite. Wrap the pure plant bath salts with a cloth and put them in the shower head. The water that comes out will wash the bath salts to the body, which can play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory, deeply cleanse the skin and pores of grease and dirt, and supplement the skin with a variety of trace mineral nutrients.

If you have a bathtub, you can directly sprinkle the bath salts in the bathtub, put warm water, and soak in it, which will give you a special enjoyment.

2. When rubbing and bathing, try to avoid using bath towels, bath flowers and other items. It is recommended to use hand rubbing or mud rubbing bath treasure, which can clean the skin without harming the skin.

3. After washing your hair and washing your body, the hair has been fully nourished in the steam. At this time, the best time to wash your hair has come. After washing with shampoo, be sure to take advantage of this natural steam room in the bathroom, use conditioner or hair mask, apply it, and then put the hair on the top of your head, so that the hair can better absorb nutrients. Wait a few minutes before rinsing off.

4. After all the above bathing is completed, you can wash your body down with water and use shower gel to clean your skin. It is not recommended to use the soap used in daily life here, because the general soap is alkaline and will erode the skin.

5. Exfoliation Modern people are affected by factors such as poor exposure to external environmental conditions, unbalanced diet, abnormal work and rest, staying up late, smoking, drinking, and emotions, which often slows down the metabolic rate. Abnormal metabolism makes keratinocytes unable to fall off naturally and accumulate thickly on the surface, resulting in rough and dull skin. The skin care products applied are often blocked by this thick barrier and cannot be absorbed by the living cells below. Therefore, we must prevent keratin thickening. The surface of the skin will metabolize every week, and too much old waste keratin will accumulate on the skin, which will cause a burden on the skin. Therefore, use exfoliation to remove the old waste keratin on the surface of the skin and let the skin breathe again.

6. Skin care. First of all, use repair water to quickly replenish the moisture that passes away during the process of bathing the skin, and you can also replenish the nutrients needed by the skin in time when the pores of the skin are not blocked. The most important thing is that it is very refreshing. If you still feel a little dry after using repair water, you can apply a thin layer of body milk, which can achieve the effect of locking in water and moisturizing.

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