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The order of oily skin care steps?

The correct skin care steps are cleansing-astringent-moisturizing. Because oily skin is prone to oily light and enlarged pores, it is necessary to pay attention to thoroughly clean the skin, use oil-controlling and astringent lotions, and strengthen moisturizing to maintain the balance of skin water and oil.

correct skin care routine for oily skin

When cleansing, choose cleansing products that have strong cleansing power but do not irritate the skin, gently massage the skin and rinse off with water; when using lotions, choose lotions containing astringent agents, which can effectively shrink pores; finally use moisturizing lotions or serums to provide sufficient moisture for the skin.

In addition, you need to pay attention to washing your face frequently, avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, and maintain good work and rest habits, which can help control the oil secretion of the skin.

The correct steps for oily skin care?

Cleanse the skin with a facial cleanser first, then hydrate, and then simply rub a little moisturizer.

Basic skin care steps for oily skin?

For oily skin, the following are some recommended basic skin care steps:

1. Gentle cleansing: Use warm water and cleansing products suitable for oily skin to wash away dirt and excess oil from the face. It is recommended to choose cleansing products that do not contain irritating substances, such as hydrogel, foam or mud cleansing products.

2. Oil control toner/astringent water: Choose a toner that contains oil control and astringent effect, and pat it on the face with a cotton pad to help shrink pores and balance skin oil secretion.

3. Light moisturizer/lotion: Choose a moisturizer or lotion with a light texture and high moisture content to replenish skin moisture and lock in moisture. Avoid choosing skin care products that are too greasy, so as not to aggravate oil secretion.

4. Sun protection: Oily skin also needs sun protection. Choose sunscreen products with a refreshing texture and no greasy feeling to help resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. It is recommended to choose a combination of sunscreen or lotion texture in sunscreen or lotion, and avoid using sunscreen products that are too greasy.

5. Regular deep cleansing: perform a deep cleansing mask or scrub once a week to remove excess oil and dead skin cells. But do not over-clean, so as not to stimulate the skin to produce more oil.

In addition, oily skin is prone to acne and dullness. In daily care, excessive irritation and friction can be avoided, and the skin can be kept clean and moderately moisturized. Eating more fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables in the diet, maintaining a balanced diet, and exercising regularly and maintaining good living habits can also help to improve the problems of oily skin. If the skin problem is serious, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist for advice.

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