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The official website of the New Zealand Mystery Authenticity Query System?

The New Zealand Mystery Anti-counterfeiting Query: The first is to enter the China Cosmetics Authenticity and Fake Anti-counterfeiting Network Alliance, and then click the New Zealand Mystery brand on the search page, and then directly enter the anti-counterfeiting code on the purchase mask and click Query Authenticity to know the authenticity of the product; of course, you can also directly call the after-sales phone and tell the customer service staff the anti-counterfeiting code number to inquire.

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From the packaging and printing, the regular New Zealand Mystery mask printing is very clear, and the packaging is also very delicate. There are seven independent packaging bags in a box, and you can use one at a time.

2021 China Cosmetics Brand Sales Ranking?

No. 1, Red Elephant,

If divided from the subdivision positioning, Red Elephant should belong to maternal and infant care products. But it also has [Hanshu] and [Yiye], both of which are sub-brands of Shanghai Shangmei.

Second place, Perfect Diary

Third place, Lin Qingxuan, Wanbang RB index: 690. 9

As a domestic high-end skin care brand, Lin Qingxuan completed a round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan at the end of November last year. The leading investor is Haina Asia Venture Capital Fund SIG, and institutions such as Daodao Fund and Country Garden Venture Capital have joined the investment. Lin Qingxuan, with his pioneering new product “Camellia Emollient Oil”, ranks fourth with the skin care effect of “strong repair and anti-aging”

, Meisu MAYSU,

Meisu MAYSU is a brand of Jialan Group. Jialan also owns the naturalistic brand [Nature Hall] from the Himalayas, the sensitive skin care expert [Plant Wisdom], the [Spring and Summer] loved by young consumers, the professional functional skin care brand [Perfuyan], the professional makeup trendy brand [COMO], and the cutting-edge perfume brand [Sasina] and other brands. The first to implement the technology of “one bottle and one code”, so that the product is given a unique “QR code ID card”, customers can scan the code to achieve points and lottery synchronization, BA can also get points, establish a dual point system, members and BA can get corresponding rights and interests respectively, which can also drive BA to actively serve consumers. In the realization of retail digital intelligence, you can see the investment and strength of Jialan.

Fifth place, New Zealand Mystery,

New Zealand Mystery (geoskincare) is a skin care brand under NZskincare Cosmetics Co., Ltd., which has been launched for 20 years. In 2014, Shanghai Youcui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested in NZskincare, and then introduced the New Zealand Mystery brand to the international market dominated by China. The brand focuses on natural skin care, providing consumers with skin care products based on natural ingredients on the one hand; on the other hand, relying on the offline store scene, it provides consumers with skin care solutions and home-based medical beauty skin care products. In 2014, New Zealand Mystery received millions of RMB angel round investment from [Sequoia Capital China] and [First Capital], and won the sixth place in November last year. The owner of the HomeFac

HFP brand is Guangzhou Eggshell Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2014 and is the first door-to-door beauty O2O platform in Guangzhou. In 2014 and 2015, it received the first two rounds of financing, mainly for its door-to-door beauty business. According to online information, HFP is a cooperative research and development between Eggshell Network and Japanese laboratories. It entered Taobao in 2016 and Tmall in August. The target audience is fashion skin care enthusiasts who pursue a niche, and fans of cosmeceutical ingredients.

Seventh place, Xiaoya Bio (Name of Nature/EVM)

Xiaoya Bio is a cosmetics company. It was established in Shanghai in 2012 and develops products around “basic line cosmeceutical line oral line”. The target audience is female users aged 18 to 35. At present, the basic skin care brand “Natural Name”, the functional skin care brand “EVM” and the oral beauty brand “Whiteasy” have been launched. “Natural Name” is the first brand launched by Xiaoya Bio, focusing on “plant extract no additives”. Skin care products include lotions, creams and masks, with a price range of 49 yuan to 189 yuan, and the product repurchase rate is higher than 30%. Among them, the “Name of Nature” yeast water sales are very high, almost doubling every year,

Eighth place, Priya,

Priya, founded in 2003, landed in the class A share market on November 15, 2017, in more than ten years of development, once occupied the leading position of class A share cosmetics companies. In January 2020, Priya, with its own years of development, occupied the top market value. As of the close of October 13, 2020, Priya’s total market value was 32 billion yuan, about 3 billion yuan higher than the second place. If you look at the entire class A share traditional cosmetics companies, Priya’s performance growth rate is not small, especially in the case of the overall decline in 2020. Priya is one of the few cosmetics companies with positive growth in the class A share cosmetics market.

Ninth place, Vinique

“Use Wenbiquan to replenish water”, which is the advertising slogan of Wenbiquan that has not changed since its establishment in 2006. The brand tone of Wenbiquan in 2021 is “rebrand”, with the brand flagship store as the window and focusing on the explosive products of the Z era throughout the year as the main axis. In 2021, it plans to launch 9 new products to consumers, with an investment of 300 million yuan. It is planned to use three years to gradually build Wenbiquan from the imprint of classic domestic products into a domestic cutting-edge that young people like, and continue to upgrade the “National Hydrating Brand”.

10th place, Opal

Shiseido is one of the first batch of filing companies to pass the filing review of imported non-special-purpose cosmetics. After the products entered the Beijing Friendship Store for sale, Shiseido quickly localized production. The first Shiseido factory in China was completed in Beijing in 1993. In less than 5 years, the second factory in China was located in Zhangjiang, Pudong, Shanghai, while Opal was born in China in 1994. At present, Shiseido’s Opal, Water Secret Language, Za, Spaiqi, Bomei, Youlai and other brands have all been produced in China. Summer is here, and Opal’s sunscreen has become an indispensable sunscreen item when going out.

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