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The most basic computer operation of a clerk?

The most basic computer operation of a clerk: basic knowledge, mouse use, input method, basic operation of Chinese WindowsXP, common problem solving, software installation and application, network foundation, IE browser use, etc.

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Computer office: WORD, EXCEL advanced operation; POWERPOINT slideshow production, email operation; compression tools, online download tools use; cyber security, Microsoft Office-2003 office components WORD word processing, EXCEL spreadsheet; computer virus; how to buy computer operation, etc.

More advanced computer operation, can master the best.

Computer courses: computer working principles, detailed explanation of hardware knowledge, computer construction and debugging, WINXP operating system installation, XP advanced operation and optimization, effective management of computers, how to make computers more secure; download and installation of commonly used software; computer daily troubleshooting and maintenance, network knowledge, etc., personal blog and IE advanced operation, introduction to the latest operating system, etc.

Extended Information

As a clerk, you need to be able to operate computers independently, be proficient in operating Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software and Internet mail sending and receiving and processing skills. Proficient in using various types of office automation equipment.

Clerks should also have good memory ability and the ability to allocate time and communicate and coordinate, as well as a strong sense of confidentiality. Good word organization and language expression skills are also very important. The typing speed in Chinese and English is fast, and the ability to skillfully operate Chinese character input methods such as Wubi input. It is also necessary to master commonly used spoken English and have good English reading and writing skills.

Compared with other professional types of work, clerks do not have programmed work steps. However, workers need to grasp the specific progress and connection work, and make maximum use of existing resources and manpower allocation.

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