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The maximum weight that a person can lift is how many times their body weight?

People can lift 6 times their weight at the limit. According to a report in Columbia’s “Times” on July 26, 2008, people can lift up to 457. 5 kilograms of weight, that is, they can lift 6 times their own body weight. Experts from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA, point out that the amount of weight a person can eventually lift depends on the number of muscle fibers. Generally speaking, people with short limbs have more strength.

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Each muscle fiber of muscle tissue can produce about 0. 3 micronewtons of force, while each square centimeter of muscle can produce about 100 newtons (about 10 kilograms) of force. But the forearm bones will shatter under about 5,000 kilograms of pressure.

If we assume that the arm muscles can provide half of the strength, and the rest comes from the legs, buttocks, and shoulders, etc., you still need to mobilize all the muscles within 55 cm of the tricep and its surrounding area to achieve this strength.

Theoretical limit: 5000 kg Current record: 300 kg

Which university is Zhao Baiqing from?

All results of Peking University

2021 CBA Draft, a total of 30 players were selected, setting a record high in CBA draft

First round:

Champion: Wang Yixiong (Fujian, California State University Fullerton)

Top spot: Zhao Baiqing (Tongxi, Peking University)

Flower exploration: Li Zhanglin (Shanxi, Central South University)

4th pick: Cui Xiaolong (Kendia, NBL Henan Credit Store Old Wine)

5th pick: Luan Licheng (Shougang, Ningbo University)

6th Pick: Li Yiyang (Fujian, Xiamen University)

7th Pick: Li Weihao (Beikong, Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

8th Pick: Qi Haotong (Guangzhou, Xiamen University)

9th Pick: Zhang Dianliang (Sichuan, Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

10th Pick: Liu Yutao (Jilin, Central South University)

11th Pick: Jia Hao (Shanxi, NBL Henan Credit Store Old Wine)

12th Pick: Gao Sheng (Shougang, formerly Beijing)

13th Pick: Liu Dong (same as Xi, Tsinghua University)

14th Pick: Lv Junhu (Qingdao, NBL Henan Credit Store Old Wine)

15th Pick: Ma Zhenxiang (Fubon, China University of Mining and Technology)

16th Pick: Li Shengzhe (Shandong)

17th Pick: Wang Xuan (Fubon, Shantou University)

18th Pick: Liaoning Abstention

19th Pick: Dang Ruibo (Fubon, formerly Tianjin)

20th Pick: Xu Yuzhuo (Fubon, formerly Shanghai)

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