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The maintenance steps of mixed skin?

Tell everyone that according to the characteristics of mixed skin, give suitable maintenance, don’t be afraid, it’s really simple.

best skin care routine for combination skin with acne

1. When cleaning the skin every day, wash it once more on the oily part, and in the oily part, you can use a scrub for a deep cleaning in three days (exfoliation).

2. Give the skin regular cleaning – apply it to the face. When applying it to the face, you must make a mask in sections, use a refreshing mask for the t-shaped part, and a moisturizing and nutritious mask for the dry part.

3. During daily maintenance, you should strengthen the moisturizing work and do not apply greasy skin care products.

Fourth, the dry part should focus on moisturizing. Use hot compress to promote metabolism, make lotion, and moisturizing lotion to strengthen moisturization to replenish moisture.

Do not use a skin care product all over your face, which will cause oily, dry places are still the same. In fact, thorough cleaning and moisturizing is the most correct maintenance for oily and acne areas.

Skin care steps

Mixed skin should establish a complete set of skin care steps: cleansing, recuperation, and care.

Skin care principles

1. The “t” part in the middle of the face needs to inhibit sebum secretion, so that the skin is refreshing and not oily;

2. Dry parts such as cheeks and cheekbones need to be replenished with moisture;

3. When cleaning the face in the morning and evening, the middle part needs to be cleaned more.

Skin care precautions

Mixed skin is usually oily in the t-shaped area and dry in the cheeks, so it is best to choose two kinds of compound essential oils with different effects for care.

Mixed skin can also be divided into simple mixed skin and complex mixed skin according to different performances. The so-called “simple mixed skin” refers to the “t” part that is slightly oily and the cheeks are slightly dry; while “complex mixed skin” refers to the t-part that is very oily or often has acne.

The care of simple mixed skin is relatively simple. Single essential oils suitable for such mixed skin are: geranium, sandalwood, lavender, and compound essential oils are recommended: moisturizing and emollient essential oils, dry conditioning essential oils (can be used for dry cheeks), and oily conditioning essential oils (can be used for oily parts of the “t” part).

Complex combination skin requires more complex care: single essential oils suitable for such combination skin are: bergamot, ylang ylang, lavender, compound essential oils recommended: acne essential oil, pore shrinkage essential oil, oily adjustment essential oil.

Precautions for maintenance

Summer climate is hot, which can lead to dilation of pores, and the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands will greatly increase. Mixed skin will become more oily in summer, and will become drier in autumn and winter. Therefore, when skin maintenance should pay attention to:

1. 2-3 times a day for skin cleansing. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type, and pay special attention to the t-shaped area when cleaning. After cleaning, you can use moisturizing dew to replenish a lot of moisture and a small amount of oil.

2. In order to better keep the skin fresh and shiny, you can use a mask once a week.

3. Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less greasy and spicy food.

4. Makeup should be refreshing and light in summer. When there is a lot of oil, it can be sucked off with powder or oil-absorbing paper. Makeup must be completely removed before going to bed to facilitate skin breathing.

5. To prevent sun damage to the skin, wear sunscreen and a sun hat when going out.

6. Dry air will quickly dissipate moisture from the skin. Therefore, it is necessary for people who work and live in an air-conditioned environment for a long time to use moisturizing products.

Skin care experience for combination skin

Before starting skin care, a few instructions should be made:

1. The most important thing before skin care is to determine what kind of skin you have. For example, I am a typical combination skin type. The t-zone is oily, has pores, and the cheeks are neutral.

2. To understand the purpose of spending money on skin care products, such as oil control, pore shrinkage, whitening, etc., take a mirror and look at the problems to be solved to be more targeted.

3. The oil of the skin is not caused by the amount of oil on your face, but by the lack of water in the skin and the imbalance of water and oil. Therefore, to improve the oil output of the skin, you must start with hydration.

4. Don’t expect any shortcuts. Improving the skin is not a matter of one or two days. The most important thing is persistence, and just like losing weight, it is a step-by-step process. Don’t see the effect and feel that it is good, and if there is no effect, the product should be changed.

5. My personal opinion is that it is better to buy a whole set than to buy each star product, because it is difficult to achieve a synchronized effect with different ingredients, and if there is a conflict between ingredients, it will not be worth the loss.

Daily skin care is very important. Choose the products that suit you and use them in the correct order:

1. Cleansing: At the beginning of daily skin care, once in the morning and once in the evening. If you wear makeup, you should remove makeup at night. For mixed skin types, you should pay attention to avoid foam types when choosing facial cleansers. I always felt that my face was oily and could cook vegetables. When washing your face, you must wash it until the feeling of oil on your face is gone. So I have always bought a foam facial cleanser to use. The result is that the more you wash, the more oily you are, the more you wash, the drier you are. Now I use a lotion-type facial cleanser. Although it doesn’t feel as clean as a foam-type after washing, it can maintain a good moisturization after washing, it won’t dry at all, and it won’t produce oil quickly. Tips: When washing your face, you should be lighter. I often see that many mm always like to wash their face very hard. Hehe, in fact, you don’t need it. You can wash your face lightly.

2. Exfoliation: up to twice a week. Many people lack this step in their skin care, and they blindly apply things to their face, but they always feel that there is not much effect. I used to be like this. Later, I learned that the stratum corneum on the face is too thick, which affects the absorption of the skin, so it is very important to make a mask. For people with mixed skin, because the t-zone is oily, the pores are relatively thick, and the cheeks may be neutral or dry. If you have conditions, you can choose two masks to use together. The mask with oil control and pore contraction effect is applied to the t-zone, and the mask with hydrating effect is applied to the cheeks and forehead. However, many people will find this too troublesome. If you only buy one, you can choose the hydrating one first, and you can add some pearl powder when applying to the t-zone. Tips: Do not choose a tear-off mask, otherwise small wrinkles will easily appear no matter how you maintain it. The best time is about ten minutes.

3. Toner: twice a day. Mixed skin should be careful not to use alcohol-containing toners because of the pursuit of shrinking pores when choosing toners, and choose moisturizing-based toners when using only one toner. Tips: Use a cotton pad when using toners to achieve a uniform and comprehensive effect. If you feel that your nose is particularly oily in summer, you can apply a cotton pad to your nose after rubbing the toner, and remove it when it dries. The oil control effect is first-class.

4. Lotion: Twice a day. I used to feel that my face was already very oily, and I was always afraid to apply lotion. Later, I realized that this is a key step in moisturizing and controlling oil. When choosing a lotion for combination skin, pay attention to its moisturizing and oil-controlling effects, so that the skin can restore proper water and oil balance. Tips: It is difficult for a lotion to achieve both oil control and moisturizing, so I also use two lotions.

5 Isolation protection: The last step of skin care in the morning, not at night. There are many factors that affect the skin, especially the environment, so add a step of isolation protection to your daily daytime maintenance – that is, use an isolation cream, foundation or sunscreen. For example, for combination skin types, there is no big decision when choosing these, but pay attention to choosing products that are light in texture and do not burden the skin too much. Tips: Sunscreen is a must in this season. Try to choose some physical sunscreen products to use, and any sunscreen products will always be a little oily for mixed skin. In fact, don’t pay too much attention. A little oil can help the skin sunscreen.

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