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The Korean mask you bought is divided into 1.2.3 on a bag. I don’t know how to use it. How can I check it?

I know what you bought, facial cleanser on the upper left, and then use the mask and essence on the upper right~

korean face mask in skin care routine

How to use the Han Xiu mask?

The Korean mask can be used after cleansing, wait for 15 minutes, and then massage properly to allow all the nutrients on the mask to absorb into the skin.

What mask is chelica?

Chelica is a skin tone brightening and hydrating mask

First of all, the cleansing smell that comes with this mask is quite good, it is the kind of light fragrance, and the face is very clean after washing. The essence is also well absorbed, the mask is very obedient, the size design is also very reasonable, and the taste is light and not pungent. It is a skin care mask developed by a Korean professional dermatology department. The main effect is to brighten the skin tone, improve the dryness of the skin, open the skin hydration channel, and inject source water energy into the skin.

How to verify the authenticity of paparecipe Korean Spring Rain Mask?

1. Packaging

The color of the genuine packaging is darker than that of the imitation.

2. Imprint

The imprint on the bottom of the genuine product is not particularly obvious. The imitation product is particularly prominent.

3. Anti-counterfeiting label

The genuine anti-counterfeiting label is old, and the imitation anti-counterfeiting label is very new and bright.

ins What is the name of the mask?

The name of INS mask is ImFromHoneyMask. This mask is from the Korean brand ImFrom. Its main ingredient is honey, which can deeply moisturize the skin and improve skin elasticity. In addition, this mask can be used not only on the face, but also on the body and hair. It is very versatile. Its precious ingredients and versatile use also make it popular

Dear, who can tell me how to use some Korean jojo water light masks?

Tear off the essence and apply it to the face until absorbed, then apply the mask. When applying the mask, first lift off half of the film, apply the mask to the face, and then lift off the remaining half.

Remember to lift from bottom to top. After 20 minutes, wash off with cold water. Continue with your daily skin care routine.

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