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The height of the Pacific Rim?

There is no official figure for the height of the monsters in “Pacific Rim”. But depending on the performance in the movie and the filming background, the height of the monsters is usually between 80 and 100 feet, which is between 24 and 30 meters. The most famous monster, “Godzilla”, is 108.2 meters tall, while the smallest monster, “Raton”, is only 24 meters tall.

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How tall are all the mechs of the Pacific Rim?

The Vengeance Wanderer gipsyavenger, the sixth generation mecha, is 81.8 meters tall and weighs 2004 tons.

The upgraded version of the main character Mecha Dangerous Wanderer in the first one, the weapon is basically the same as the first one, but it has been upgraded to version 2.0, such as the double chain sword, the chest double power turbine, and has the new move of “attractive force slingshot” (using ion beams to gather heavy objects together and smash them at opponents).

2, Saber Athena, 76.81 meters high, weighing 1628 tons.

A super flexible mech, in order to strongly improve its athletic ability to give up additional weapons and equipment, and only equipped with two ion swords on the back, the ion sword also has the function of combining two into one.

3. Phoenix guerrilla bracerPhoenix, fifth generation mech, 70.91 meters high, weighing 2128 tons.

Heavy mecha, extremely thick armor, waist equipped with powerful cannon, can slide freely back and forth through the chain track, the “Morning Star” chain hammer in the hand is transplanted from another mech “Redeemer Titan”.

4. The heroic protector guardianbravo, 73.15 meters high, weighs 1975 tons.

One of the main mecha, with explosive foil on the shoulder, and the representative weapon is an electric arc whip extending from the wrist.

5. Winter Aix novemberajax, sixth-generation mech, 80 meters high (visual inspection).

One of the earliest mechs in the film, with a non-lethal weapon similar to an electromagnetic gun in the hand.

6. Titan redeemer of the Redeemer, 74.07 meters high, weighing 2256 tons.

Soy sauce mech, equipped with smoke grenades on the shoulders, and the main weapon “Morning Star” chain hammer, which was equipped to the Phoenix guerrillas after its death.

7. Omega valoromega, brave, 76 meters high (visual inspection).

Soy sauce mecha, equipped with plasma artillery on the hand, thicker armor.

8. Obsidian Revenge Muse obsidianfury, 87.96 meters high, weighs 1998 tons.

The mecha produced by Jingtian’s company Shaw Group in the film is infiltrated and controlled by aliens. It has a magnificent battle with the Revenge Wanderer. Its strength is no less than that of the Revenge Wanderer. The main weapon is the AKM missile on the soldier’s shoulder and the two chain swords on the arm.

9. Mass-produced drone dronejaeger, 74 meters high (visual inspection).

It is also a mecha produced by Shaw Corporation, which is also controlled by aliens to become half machine and half monster in the film.

10. Boxer scrapper, 12.7 meters high and weighs 276 tons.

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