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The function of coconut oil?

Efficacy and function

weight management formula coconut oil

Decompression, skin care, detoxification and beauty

Coconut oil is a white liquid in tropical places, and a butter-like solid in cold places; it has a special smell and is fragrant when fresh. Coconut oil has the functions of decompression, skin care, detoxification and beauty.

1. Decompression: Coconut oil has a good calming effect and helps to decompress. Apply it to the face and give a gentle massage to help eliminate mental fatigue.

2. Skin care: Coconut oil has a skin care effect and is suitable for all kinds of skin. It is the safest way to solve dry and peeling skin. In addition, it can also delay wrinkles, sagging skin and other problems that gradually become prominent with age.

3. Hair care: Coconut oil is good for the health of the hair. It can make the hair more shiny. Regular massage can prevent dandruff and lice.

4. Slimming: Coconut oil contains short URL and medium chain fatty acids, which help to lose excess fat. It also helps digestion and helps the thyroid and enzyme system to function healthily. It can also reduce the pressure on the pancreas and speed up the body’s metabolism, thereby consuming more energy and helping obese and overweight people lose weight.

5. Detoxification and beauty: Pure fresh coconut oil has high stability and is not easy to oxidize, so that it will not rot and accumulate toxins in the human body, increasing the burden on the body, and the medium-chain fatty acids in it are exclusive to other toxins. Various fatty acids with antibacterial function will kill harmful viruses in the body and gradually excrete accumulated toxins from the body.

Can coconut oil eaten by humans be eaten by cats?

The coconut oil eaten by humans can be given to cats. Coconut oil has many benefits for cats, including improving skin and hair conditions, reducing energy, balancing metabolism and maintaining proper weight, reducing or eliminating body odor and bad breath, preventing bacterial, viral, yeast infections, strengthening immune function, helping to soothe dog cough, improving oral health, making teeth white, etc. Although there are benefits, it should be in moderation.

Which is better than coconut oil or rapeseed oil?

Coconut oil is good. Coconut oil is rich in short URL and medium chain fatty acids, which helps to promote digestion and contribute to the healthy operation of the thyroid secretion system. At the same time, it can also improve the metabolic rate of the human body, help to burn more calories, and thus help to lose weight.

By including coconut oil in your diet, carbohydrates slowly break down into glucose, which helps to maintain blood sugar stability and regulate blood sugar levels

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