Weight management

The fastest way to lose weight on your mobile phone?

1. Replace with a new mobile phone

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If your mobile phone has been used for many years, it is recommended to replace it with a mobile phone with a larger memory and better performance. Of course, this method should be determined according to your own economic level.

2. Reduce unnecessary APPs

In the modern Internet age, there are more and more APPs with various functions. If you download a lot of APPs, your mobile phone memory will become smaller and smaller, but there are only a few that are often used. It is recommended to keep the commonly used ones and uninstall them if they are useless.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the corresponding APP

If you use the APP, if you have any information you need, it is recommended to collect it. After that, uninstall and reinstall the software, which will also clean up more memory data garbage, so that your mobile phone can achieve a slimming effect.

4. Use cloud storage more

Due to the powerful functions of the mobile phone, especially taking photos, videos, etc. will bring us good memories, which also makes the memory less and less.

Use cloud storage, which saves space without losing information, thus greatly reducing the occupation of mobile phone memory space.

5. Close the background in time

When we open multiple APPs at the same time, even if we exit or return, the corresponding APP is also running in the background, which will also make your mobile phone card appear. If the APP software can be closed in time, the card problem of the mobile phone will also be solved.

6. Click the mobile phone housekeeper

to open the mobile phone housekeeper, click the one-click optimization operation in the middle, and return to the main interface after the optimization is completed.

How to open the mobile phone slimming function?

To open the mobile phone slimming function, you can first find the “storage” or “memory” option in the mobile phone settings, and then click to enter. In this interface, you can clean up the cache files in the phone, uninstall infrequently used applications, delete large files or useless photos, etc.

In addition, you can also help clean up the phone junk files and optimize the performance of the phone by downloading a special phone cleaning software. Regularly cleaning up the phone junk files and unnecessary data can effectively improve the running speed of the phone, free up storage space, and make the phone lighter and smoother.

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