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The face of a beautiful woman in Korea is bright, looks oily, and shiny. What is that?

Air Cushion BB, I recommend a better one for you, do you need it?

My skin is dry on both cheeks. T-zone oil. Which skin care product is suitable for use?

I am very happy to help you listen to your statement that it belongs to mixed skin type, outer oil and inner dry type. Generally, mixed skin is dry on both cheeks and oily on the T-zone, so it should be treated separately. Use a moisturizing mask on both cheeks and a water-oil balance mask on the T-zone. Let me introduce a few products to you. Facial cleanser: Chanzhen Ginkgo facial cleanser: This is a first-line brand in Korea, and the cost performance of things is very high, especially this facial cleanser, which is his knock-out product. It is almost said to be good after using it, but it is only suitable for MM of oily and mixed skin. I will dry it after using it dry. It is a big one, and it is not expensive. It has the effect of removing yellow. Toner: Kiehl’s small cucumber water: This one is recommended by Big S. The main function is to replenish water and converge pores. It has a little medicinal taste. I am using it now. The hydrating effect is good. It is more suitable for mixed skin in winter. Kiehl’s Calendula Plant Essence Water: This one is also recommended by Big S. Compared with cucumber water, it is more suitable for oily skin. It is more effective for pore problems and sensitive phenomena. I think it is suitable for mixed skin in summer. Lotion: SKINFOOD Peach Sake Firming Milk: Chanzhen Ginkgo Natural Softening Lotion matched with water. This one is specially designed for mixed skin. It has the functions of replenishing water, removing yellowing and shrinking pores. Our friends are using it. I think the effect of removing yellowing is particularly obvious. And the mixed skin is just right, not dry or oily. Mask: When the skin is dry in winter, you must replenish water. If you don’t sleep, it is best to make a mask. Niuer red wine mask, Niuer rose good night frozen film, and national seaweed mask are all masks that are better for mixed skin and will not be too oily. In addition: After eating tomatoes often, tomatoes have antioxidant effects and can inhibit the production of melanin. Usually make your own masks, which is economical and affordable! 1. Tomato slices milk are still good. The effect of simply using tomato slices is not ideal to wash your face. Then put a few tomato or radish slices on your face. After 30 minutes, wash your face with cold milk to make your facial skin delicate and white. Note: 2-3 times a week is enough. Just use some moisturizing and moisturizing softener after washing. These are better products I have used, or introduced to people around me. I will share them with you now. I hope it can help. The effect is quite good. You can try it.

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