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The difference between isolated whey protein and slow-release whey protein?

The difference between whey protein and slow-release whey protein is mainly that slow-release protein is extracted from whey protein. Under normal circumstances, whey protein is made by directly drying and grinding egg whites into powder, and the protein content in it is relatively low. The protein content in slow-release whey protein made by filtering and drying egg whites is greatly increased. Eating slow-release whey protein in moderation can effectively enhance the body’s immunity. But it should be noted that slow-release whey protein of the same weight is much more expensive than ordinary whey protein.

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Where is whey protein extracted from?

Whey protein is known as the king of protein. It is an animal protein extracted from milk and has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, multiple active ingredients, etc. Whey protein is also only extracted from fresh milk. It can enhance human immunity, restore physical strength, and delay fatigue. It is now a must-have for fitness enthusiasts and is essential for those who need to build muscle.

What is whey protein extracted from?

Whey protein is called the king of protein. Extracted from fresh milk, it is an animal protein, which is different from daily protein powder. Protein powder is mostly extracted from soybeans, while whey protein can only be extracted from milk, so it is better absorbed by the human body.

Whey protein is to help people grow muscles and make muscle growth better and stylish, but it is not recommended to use whey protein when exercising for beginners. Protein powder is enough. Whey protein is suitable for fitness people with true targeting and high training intensity.

Whey protein has the highest nutritional value among various proteins. It contains 8 essential amino acids for the human body, and the ratio is reasonable, close to the proportion of human needs. It is also an indispensable essence for human growth and development and anti-aging activities.

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