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The difference between Estee Lauder and Weather Dan?

Both Estee Lauder and Weather Dan are first-line brands. Estee Lauder is the Estee Lauder Group, while Weather Dan is the LG Group. Estee Lauder is from the United States and focuses on anti-aging, while Weather Dan is from South Korea. It focuses on palace secrets, maintaining stability, repairing and nourishing. It is deeply loved by oriental women. Both are high-end brands, but Estee Lauder’s grade is higher than Weather Dan.

korean skin care routine anti aging

I would like to know about South Korea and Japan. Women delay menopause, delay aging and protect…

South Korea and Japan. The secret recipe for women to delay menopause, delay aging and maintain youth until the age of 60 is: eat kimchi, do plastic surgery and make small movies.

I’m going to travel to Korea this month. What souvenirs should I bring for my family?

If you give gifts, you should score someone

Ms., it must be cosmetics, mid-range high-end, student party, and cosmetics for the elderly. Generally, if we go to Korea, we will use large and small bags of cosmetics for our own use and give them to relatives and friends.

Men, liver protection treasure, health care products, and naturally you need to buy some famous Korean red ginseng health care products when you go to Korea. It is also a good choice for the elderly, but the price is not cheap at all.

Children, clothes with Korean ethnic characteristics, handicrafts with logos, many kinds, and the price is not expensive.

There are also Korean food, which is quite unique. Fried chicken rice cakes and the like are quite popular in China in recent years because of Korean dramas. You can buy some vacuum-packed fried rice cakes, ginseng chicken soup, kimchi, etc. in supermarkets, and you can also give them to relatives and friends as gifts.

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