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The daily dose is based on the weight of 20mg/kg, how much medicine does a 15 kg child take? A pack of medicine is 0…

1g is equal to 1000mg, a pack is 125mg, 10.5kg = 10. 5kg10.5 * 20mg = 210mg means that your child eats about one and a half packs a day

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What weight unit does g represent?

1. G represents grams in mass units, and the weight of one gram is approximately equivalent to the mass of one cubic centimeter of water at room temperature. 1000g = 1kg.

2. G represents GByte in computer capacity units. Gigabyte (GB, Gigabyte, also known as Gigabyte or Jing Byte or Billion Byte or Halberd in China), often abbreviated as G, is a decimal unit of information measurement. 1GByte = 1024MByte.

3, g In physics, it means that the acceleration of gravity (Gravitationalacceleration) is the acceleration of an object under the action of gravity, also known as the acceleration of free fall. G = 980 cm/s to the second power or 9.8 m/s to the second power.

A pack of 0. 125g medicine According to the weight of 25~ 50mg15kg per kilogram per day, how many packs should I eat?

25-50mg per kilogram of body weight, 15Kg body weight medicine is 15 × 0. 025g = 0. 375G, 15 × 0.05g = 0.75g, converted into the specification of the drug is: 0.375g ÷ 0.125g = 3, 0.75g ÷ 0.125g = 6. That is, the minimum daily dose for children is three packs, and the maximum dose is six packs. According to the drug manual several times.

What single to use for weight? What unit to use for weight?

milligrams (mg), grams (g), kilograms (kg), tons (t). Commonly used in China: two (50 grams), catties (10 taels, 500 grams), kilograms (1000 grams). Weight unit, has a long history, in ancient times, countries have their own unit of measurement, the weight unit in ancient China, Jun: 30 catties is one jun; ten gui weighs one baht, twenty-four baht weighs one tael, and sixteen taels weigh one catty.

15mg per capsule is calculated according to the weight of 1.5-2.5mg/kg. How much should you eat?

How much do you weigh? Generally, 60 × 1 is calculated according to the weight of 60kg. 5 = 90mg (6 capsules) 60 × 2. 5 = 150mg (10 capsules), that is, people who weigh 60kg can eat 6-10 capsules

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