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The correct way to write a prescription by hand?

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1. The general condition of the patient and the clinical diagnosis are filled in clearly and completely, and are consistent with the medical records.

2. Each prescription is limited to the medication of one patient.

3. The handwriting is clear and cannot be altered; if it needs to be modified, it should be signed at the modification place and the date of modification should be indicated.

4. Drug names should be written in standardized Chinese names. If there are no Chinese names, they can be written in standardized English names. Medical institutions or physicians and pharmacists shall not compile abbreviated drug names or use code names by themselves. Write drug names, doses, specifications, usage, and dosages to be accurate and standardized. Drug usage can be written in standardized Chinese, English, Latin, or abbreviations, but vague words such as “follow the doctor’s advice” and “self-use” shall not be used.

5. The age of the patient should be filled in with the actual age, and the date and age of the newborn, infant, and young child should be written, and the weight should be indicated if necessary.

6. Western medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine can be prescribed separately, or one prescription can be issued. Traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces should be prescribed separately.

7. Western medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine prescriptions should be issued. Each medicine should start on a separate line, and each prescription should not exceed 5 kinds of medicines.

8. The writing of the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces should generally be arranged in the order of “Jun, Chen, Zuo, and Envoy”; the special requirements for adjustment and decoction should be indicated at the top right of the medicine, and parentheses should be added, such as cloth bags, first decoction, and then lower; if there are special requirements for the origin and processing of decoction pieces, it should be stated before the drug name.

9. The usage and dosage of the drug should be used in accordance with the conventional usage and dosage stipulated in the drug instruction manual. When overdose is required under special circumstances, the reason should be indicated and signed again.

10. Except for special circumstances, the clinical diagnosis should be indicated.

11. Draw a slash in the blank after the prescription is issued to indicate that the prescription is completed.

12. The signature style and special signature of the prescriber should be consistent with the style of the sample kept by the hospital pharmacy department for future reference, and should not be arbitrarily changed, otherwise the sample should be re-registered for the record.

How to prescribe by a veterinarian?

The veterinarian needs to follow the following steps when prescribing:

1. Diagnosis of the condition: The veterinarian needs to conduct a comprehensive examination and diagnosis of the animal to determine the condition and the cause.

2. Selection of drugs: According to the condition and the cause, the veterinarian needs to choose a suitable drug for treatment.

3. Determination of dose: The veterinarian needs to determine the dose of the drug according to the animal’s weight, age, condition and other factors.

4. Writing of prescription: The veterinarian needs to state the animal’s name, condition, drug name, dosage, method of use and other information on the prescription.

5. Signature and seal: The veterinarian needs to sign and seal the prescription to ensure the legality and validity of the prescription.

6. Inform the owner: The veterinarian needs to explain the use of the drug, precautions, etc. to the animal owner in detail to ensure that the owner uses the drug correctly.

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