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The correct way to use k milk for skin care?

How to use k milk

k beauty skin care routine

First cleanse your face with a facial cleanser, after drying the water stains, use a toner to clean twice, then take an appropriate amount of K milk and apply it to the whole face, massage properly to let the skin fully absorb K milk.

The frequency of use of k milk is to use it once a day after cleansing in the morning and evening, and stick to it every day.

Pay attention to the use of Lifuquan k milk

Pay attention to avoiding light

Lifuquan K milk contains salicylic acid. Although the acid content is very mild, it should be stored away from light.

Moisturize after use

After using k milk, if you don’t care about anything, the skin may become very dry, so it is best to use a moisturizer to moisturize after using k milk to reduce water loss, so as to ensure the moisture of the skin and the use effect of k milk.

Pay attention to cleaning

When using Lifuquan k milk, you should also pay attention to keeping the skin clean to avoid external dust bacteria or oil secreted by the skin causing acne to worsen, which will also affect the use effect of k milk.

How to use k milk Lifuquan?

Use facial cleanser to clean the facial dirt first, wipe off the excess moisture, then use toner and essence, massage until absorbed, take out an appropriate amount of Lifuquan k milk and put it in the palm of your hand, then apply it to the whole face, avoid the eyes and mouth, do not touch the damaged areas, and then use moisturizer after thorough absorption.

Lifuquan k milk contains salicylic acid ingredients, which have the effect of oil control and acne removal. It is best not to use it for sensitive skin. Lifuquan k milk is equivalent to the “milk” in the water milk. It should be used after the essence and before the cream. After applying Lifuquan k milk, you can also use eye cream to maintain the skin around the eyes. After applying the eye cream, use the cream.

What brand is k skin care products?

k skin care products is a French national treasure skin care product brand. It was founded in 1935 and has a history of nearly 70 years. Since its establishment, it has used a bud rose as the brand logo. For nearly 70 years, Lancome has practiced

its commitment to the beauty of women all over the world with its unique brand concept, bringing beauty and dreams to countless beautiful women. What’s more rare is that a nearly 70-year-old brand can still maintain such a young state today, and there are many boutiques that are supported by women in the makeup and skin care industries.

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