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The correct way to use Clinique in the morning and evening?

Clinique in the morning and evening is a skin care method. Use antioxidant A products in the morning and C products that promote skin repair in the evening. The correct way to use is: hydrate with antioxidant moisturizing serum in the morning, suitable for oily and combination skin types; repair serum with vitamin C in the evening, suitable for all skin types. Avoid mixing different brands of skin care products when using, avoid overuse, just use it 2 times a day. This method is designed to provide all-weather skin care protection, replenish the nutrients needed for the skin, and make the skin healthier and younger.

clinique skin care routine for oily skin

What steps is the Clinique brush acid anti-acne bottle used in

Which step is the Clinique brush acid anti-acne bottle used in skin care, used in the essence step, and then use the facial cleanser to complete the facial cleansing. If your face feels dry, you can use a toner to moisturize the skin, and then you can use the brush acid anti-acne bottle. Of course, if you have dry skin or sensitive skin, do not use this product. Oily and oily skin can be used to have a certain effect on acne and mouth closure!

CLINIQUE How to use Clinique men’s skin care?

First cleanse the face, Neutrogena deep oil-removing cleansing milk, for oily skin, the effect is still OK. After washing, the skin is a little dry and tight, and it will be very comfortable after using the toner.

The Uno refreshing aftershave water used in the toner is full of freshness and has a tingling feeling of mint. It is very refreshing to use in summer, and the effect of moisturizing is average. Then I used Mengzhuang men’s moisturizing conditioner. I saw this in a magazine when I bought it. I started it when the magazine recommended it. I have been using it in winter until now. Moisturizing in winter is OK, the face will not be dry, and it will feel oily in summer.

How to use Clinique oil-free butter?

I used it, and it feels very good. I used it last winter. I only bought butter, because my face was dry and peeling at that time, but I don’t know how the specific effect is, so I only bought one butter. It feels very good. My skin is relatively dry, so I used the oily one. I feel good about myself. I don’t know how others are. The following Clinique butter specifies which type of skin it is suitable for. I hope it is helpful to you. This oily butter is not limited to the skin in winter. It is suitable for dry MM and mixed dry MM in summer. If you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time in summer, the MM mixed with oil can also be properly moisturized.

Don’t worry that he is oily just because he has oil. In fact, his absorption is very fast.

Oil-Free-Lotion This oil-free butter is very suitable for MM with oily skin in winter and summer. Even in summer, it will feel super refreshing. Dry MM or mixed dry MM is not suitable for this one. It will feel not moisturized enough, and even feel dry.

Oil-Free-GEL This oil-free butter is not restricted to the skin in summer. Oil MM does not feel oily, dry MM does not feel dry, and it is also very moisturized. When using in winter, dry MM and mixed dry MM need to use moisturizing products at the same time, and it may feel a little not moisturized enough when used alone.

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