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The correct way to take care of your skin at night with dry skin?

Use some refreshing skin care products and cosmetics. It is very important to choose cosmetics for mixed dry skin. We should not choose skin care products and cosmetics that are allergic and prone to oil. Instead, we should choose some skin care products and cosmetics that are hydrating, moisturizing and whitening. Apply more masks every day. Don’t use too many messy brands.

night skin care routine for dry skin home remedies

The correct steps for dry skin care?

01 Cleansing of the skin.

Cleansing of the skin is the first step in skin care and must be taken seriously. Be sure to remember not to wash your face with soapy or highly alkaline facial cleansers, but to use neutral ones, so that it can protect your skin.


Use a moisturizing water with a high oil content.

Hydrating is a broad concept. No matter what type of skin, it needs to be hydrated and moisturized, and the same is true for oily skin. Nowadays, many makeup waters on the market have added alcohol. Manufacturers add alcohol to the makeup water to prevent skin allergies and avoid some small inflammation. The moisturizing water extracted from plants and herbs is alcohol-free, which has a long moisturizing time, and the skin feels very comfortable after use. In fact, you can judge the pros and cons of the lotion by yourself. Pat the lotion on the back of your hand to see if it is skin-friendly with your skin. Some will find a circle-by-circle phenomenon when hitting your hands, which looks like oil and water are insoluble; while the lotion suitable for your skin should be able to stick to the skin and be quickly absorbed by the skin.


Apply the essence.

The skin of women over 30 years old is beginning to age, so remember to apply the essence after rubbing the moisturizing water. There are many kinds of essence, including wrinkle removal, whitening, etc. Oriental women usually have pigmentation, dark spots, aging and other phenomena after the age of 30. Wrinkle removal serum and whitening serum can help you.


Use moisturizer.

We use oil-in-water moisturizer, and moisturizing water is water-in-oil. Only when the skin is in a state of water-oil balance can it feel comfortable, delay aging and prevent dryness.

Rescue dry skin Skin care step 5. Be sure to use an isolation cream.

Ultraviolet rays not only erode the skin in summer, but also in winter. Ultraviolet rays generally exist in light or light, and wherever there is light, there will be ultraviolet rays. Due to the reflection of ultraviolet rays, when the light hits the wall, it will also reflect on the face. It is not when the light shines on the face that there will be ultraviolet rays. In winter, you can use an isolation cream with a lower sunscreen multiple, and after May, you can choose to use an isolation cream with a higher sunscreen multiple. The isolation cream not only has sunscreen effect, but also prevents air from polluting the skin

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