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The correct way to take care of your legs?


best skin care routine for legs

Massage when cleaning, because the skin of the legs is easy to dry and form dander, so when cleaning the legs, massage with hemp gloves or dry brushes, not only can measure the cleaning, but also can effectively stimulate the blood supply and subcutaneous lipid glands. Pay attention to the order from bottom to top when massaging, and always face the direction of the heart.


Exfoliating, you can choose to use it twice a month for exfoliating treatment. The general method is to apply the exfoliating cream from the ankle to the thighs before bathing, and after a while, rinse it off with water to make the leg skin more shiny.


Skin care products and leg massage, after each bath or soak, apply moisturizing milk or moisturizer to the legs and massage properly, which can effectively promote blood circulation in the legs and eliminate muscle tension. If possible, you can also wipe the knees with a piece of lemon to make the skin softer and smoother.

What skin care products are the most moisturizing for the legs?

Try Hime Cunxi cucumber glue, which can be used by men, women and children all over the body. The price is affordable. 250ML is only 48 yuan

What skin care products are used for leg moisturizing?

1. To hydrate the calves, you can use a moisturizing body lotion. When taking a shower, you can use a scrub to rub the legs first to remove aging keratin from the legs and prevent the appearance of chicken skin from causing dry legs. After using the scrub, use a moisturizing body wash to apply and rub the whole body. The dirty things in the skin of the clothes reduce bacteria and make the skin smoother and fresher. Finally, after wiping the body dry, apply a moisturizing body lotion and massage evenly to promote the absorption of the body lotion to ensure that the skin is delicate and moist.

2. You can also use skin care products with aloe vera as the main substance. Aloe vera water, aloe vera lotion, etc. are regularly applied to the legs to replenish moisture for the calves. You can pat and massage to promote the absorption of moisture.

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