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The correct way to take care of apple skin?

Peel the apple, mash it like mud, add an appropriate amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil for dry skin, add egg white for oily skin, stir it evenly and apply it to the face. Wash with water after 20 minutes, not only can remove skin acne, freckles and dark spots, but also make the skin tender, smooth and fair. Beauty tips: While making a mask, you can also apply a thin apple slice under the eyes, and then lift the eyelids slightly to help eliminate dark circles.

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Poached egg skin care method?

1. Vinegar egg liquid. It can make the skin smooth and delicate for a long time and sweep away all dark spots on the face.

2. Honey protein film, stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation. You can also use water to dilute and then rub your hands, which can prevent chapping in winter.

3. Almond cream. Soak 90 grams of peeled almonds and mash them like a paste, mix them with egg whites and mix them well. Apply the noodles every night, and wash them with rice swill the next morning.

4. Three white snow-coated eggs are soaked in Baijiu and sealed for four or five days. They are used to coat the surface, which can make the surface black and white and reduce wrinkles.

5. The egg yolk mask is mixed with egg whites with milk, or mixed with egg yolks. Apply the surface for 15 minutes. The maintenance effect on neutral skin is particularly good.

6. Egg shell soft film When cooking, paste the soft film in the eggshell on the facial wrinkles, cheeks and chin, let it air dry, then remove it, and wipe off the dead skin of oily skin with a soft sponge.

7. Egg fine salt scrub, just like using a scrub.

Egg beauty and skin care method?

1. Egg beauty method – honey mask

Preparation: one egg, one teaspoon of honey.

Practice: Beat the eggs first, leaving only the egg white for later use; then mix the eggs and honey together and stir well.

Use: After cleansing, apply the mask evenly to the face, and then wash off with water after 20 minutes. This mask can moisturize and moisturize the skin, making the skin supple and tender! There is also the effect of whitening and wrinkling!

2. Egg beauty method – egg yolk mask

Preparation: one egg yolk, an appropriate amount of honey, and a small amount of flour

Practice: Mix the egg yolk and honey together first, and then add flour to mix together to form a paste.

Use: After cleansing the face first, apply the mask to the face, and wash off after about 20 minutes. This egg yolk mask can not only tighten the skin, but also improve the skin’s ability to lock in water.

3. One of the egg beauty methods – whitening mask

Preparation: one egg white, an appropriate amount of milk, and a small amount of high-quality pearl powder. Practice: First add egg white and milk together and mix well, then add pearl powder, stir together to make a paste.

Use: Cleanse your face first, then apply the mask, lie down and enjoy for about 20 minutes, and finally wash with water. This mask can whiten and tenderize the skin, showing a smooth state.

4. Egg Beauty Method – Almond Cream

Preparation: One egg, 90g almonds Practice: First filter the egg white, peel the almonds, and then mash them into almond puree; then mix them together and mix them evenly.

Use: Before going to bed at night, apply the mask to your face, and then wash off with warm water the next morning. This almond cream can whiten the skin, make the skin smooth and tender, and can also delay skin aging and prevent wrinkles.

5. Egg beauty method – scrub

Preparation: half egg white, a small amount of salt Practice: Add a small amount of salt to the egg white and mix to make an egg salt scrub.

Use: After washing the face with water, apply this scrub to the face, while the salt has not been melted and then massage the skin, it can remove excess dead skin on the face, improve dull skin, and make the skin smooth and tender.

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