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The correct way to stretch the face?

1. The basic posture of the face should keep the corners of the mouth slightly raised, so that the lips are in a straight line. If the angle is too high, too much pulled skin will lead to wrinkles and facial sagging.

skin care routine to tighten face

2. When the facial muscles are in a relaxed state, our tongue should be located in the contact part with the upper jaw. How far is it from the upper jaw? In fact, your face is in a pull-down and sagging state, so the tongue should be flat with the upper jaw, which can help exercise the weak and weak muscles on both sides of the cheeks and help the skin fight the sagging effect of gravity.

3. Relax the muscles around the eyes and eyebrows, do not frown, minimize the tension of the muscles around the eyes, and prevent excessive facial expressions, because the skin of our face is very delicate and delicate, and too many expressions will also lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

Facial Yoga Practice:

1. Eliminate nasolabial folds: First keep the facial muscles relaxed, then keep your lips in an “O” state, then raise the corners of the mouth to the sides, and at the same time close the lips to the inside of the mouth. Note that when doing this facial action, the teeth are not exposed. Just practice with the mirror ten times in a row, and then relax the facial muscles.

2. Prevent facial muscle sagging movements: First, keep the facial muscle groups relaxed, and then contain a mouthful of air in the mouth. Exchange this air back and forth on the left and right cheeks to help the tense muscle groups on the two cheeks relax. Just exchange the mirror back and forth for ten movements.

3. Eliminate the double chin movement: First, keep the facial muscle groups relaxed, then tilt your head back slightly, close your lips, push your chin forward slightly, and then retract the action. Pay attention to the moderate force during the action to avoid dislocation due to excessive force. This group of actions can be done ten times on the mirror.

4. Smile and purse lips: First, keep the facial muscles relaxed, then keep the lips smiling and rising, press the upper and lower lips together, raise the corners of the mouth, and then relax. This group of actions can be done ten times on the mirror, which can help us promote the blood circulation of the facial skin and tighten the cheeks.

5. Relieve forehead tension: First, keep the facial muscles relaxed, then place the four fingers of your right hand fingers on the forehead, look at the ceiling with both eyes, keep the other facial muscles relaxed, move the eyebrows up and down respectively, and repeat the action ten times. This group of actions can help us release the pressure of the forehead tension muscles, enhance the elasticity of the forehead skin, and prevent wrinkles.

6. Percussion around the eyes: First, keep the facial muscles relaxed, raise your hands, and gently massage the upper edge of the skin around the eyes to the forehead with your fingers. Remember to move gently and do it ten times in a row, which can help the eye muscles relax and promote blood circulation.

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