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The correct way to make up for the elderly?

Step/way 1

skin care routine for elderly

Clean the face with warm water and facial cleanser, and then wash the face with cold water. The elderly skin generally has more wrinkles and is dry, so pay attention not to dry the face completely after washing, and keep the facial skin moist, which is conducive to subsequent makeup. Then trim the eyebrows, you can trim them a little thinner and look younger.

Step/Method 2

To do basic skin care, use moisturizing skin care products to make the skin soft and moist, and then apply foundation. You can use a brush to dip an appropriate amount of foundation, apply it evenly to the face, and pay attention to fill in the wrinkles carefully. Generally, the elderly may have skin problems such as age spots on the skin. You can apply a little more foundation to cover it up.

Step/Method 3

After that, use loose powder or honey powder to set the makeup. Note that when applying powder, you should decide how much to pounce according to the skin tone of the elderly. If the skin tone is dull, you can pounce more to improve the brightness of the skin tone. If the face is already relatively white, just flutter a little less, otherwise the skin tone will look unnatural.

Step/Method 4

After completing the base makeup, you can paint eyeliner and eyeshadow. Be careful not to paint too thick eyeliner when painting, be more natural, and choose a low-key and generous color for the eyeshadow color. Finally, paint a lipstick, use a lipstick with a high degree of moisturization, the color can be brighter, but not too pink, the kind that is not suitable for the elderly.

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