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The correct way to cover melasma?

To cover melasma, you can use the following techniques:

skin care routine steps for melasma

1. Choose a suitable concealer product: To cover melasma, you first need to choose a suitable concealer product. It is best to choose a full-cover concealer with strong covering power to cover. It is best to choose a color similar to your skin tone to avoid being too obvious after covering.

2. Use a concealer brush or sponge: To cover melasma, you need to use a professional concealer brush or sponge and other items to apply the concealer evenly to your face and avoid unnatural phenomena.

3. Apply evenly: After applying concealer, apply it evenly with a concealer brush or sponge. You can warm your fingertips to make them melt naturally, reduce the difference between concealer products and the skin, and make the skin look more natural.

4. Overall adjustment of skin tone: On the part where concealer is applied, the color may be different from the color of the surrounding skin. You can use liquid foundation, loose powder and other products for overall adjustment. The more natural the better.

5. Pay attention to sun protection: The cause of the formation of melasma is related to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, you should pay attention to sun protection measures at ordinary times to reduce the formation and aggravation of melasma.

In short, to cover melasma, you need to choose high-quality concealer products. At the same time, you should also pay attention to using tools such as a professional concealer brush or sponge, apply evenly, and adjust the overall skin tone.

What skin care products are better for melasma on the face?

It is a better choice to use skin care products containing vitamin C and nicotinamide, because vitamin C can inhibit the production of melanin, and nicotinamide can help fade pigmentation and brighten the skin tone. In addition, you can also choose some skin care products containing ingredients such as fruit acid and arbutin, which can slightly exfoliate and fade pigmentation. It is worth noting that correct sun protection is an important step in preventing skin pigmentation, so be sure to apply sunscreen every day.

Recommended melasma skin care products?

Product 1: Lucafia Freckle Removal Kit

The precipitated spots on the face and the newly grown spots are all under the premise of not taking good skin care. The feedback from reality is reflected on the face. Later, I also used some freckle removal products introduced by beauty salons, but the use effect is not good, the money is spent, the skin condition is worse, and the spots are getting more and more serious!

The Lucafia Freckle Removal Kit was recommended to me by my best friend. I was in the mood to try it, but I was really convinced by this Lucafia Freckle Removal Kit later. It is mild and non-irritating. After using it for about three cycles, the spots on the face faded and disappeared, and even acne marks were improved.

The Lucafia Freckle Removal Kit contains toner, serum and cream. Each product contains high-concentration nicotinamide and patented whitening ingredients such as Tiannu Mulan, which go directly to the bottom of the muscle for efficient light spot whitening, anti-yellow protection of the dermis, and the stratum corneum promotes melanin metabolism and excretion, so that the skin can achieve fair and translucent from the inside out!

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