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The correct way to apply skin care products?

There is a correct way.

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When using skin care products, you need to perform basic cleaning first, then take an appropriate amount of skin care products, gently massage and apply to the face, avoiding the eyes and lips.

Massage should be done by gently circling or patting your fingertips. Do not rub directly with your palms, otherwise it will damage the skin.

In addition, you need to conduct a basic analysis of the skin before applying, and choose the skin care products that suit you.

Only by using skin care products correctly can you have a good maintenance effect.

In addition to the correct techniques, the following matters should be paid attention to when using skin care products: first, environmental hygiene, to ensure the cleanliness of the cosmetics and tools used to avoid bacterial contamination; secondly, pay attention to choosing the type and brand of skin care products that suit your skin condition to avoid allergies or adverse reactions; finally, choose different skin care products according to the different skin types and seasons to adapt to different skin needs.

Only by considering these factors comprehensively can the best maintenance effect be achieved.

Steps to wash your face and skin care?

1. Toner:

The toner is best dipped in a cotton pad to wipe the face, which can play a secondary cleansing role. If you want to achieve moisturization, it is best to gently pat the face with your hands. Until the skin is not dry.

2: Serum

Rub the hands hot, then apply the serum evenly to the face and gently massage. The use of the serum must avoid the eye area, gently press the U area of the face with the palm of your hand, and gently press from top to bottom and from outside to inside, so as to ensure the absorption of the ingredients in the serum. The T area should also be repeated in the same way. Finally, gently tap the facial skin with the pulp of your finger.

3: Moisturizing products

Choose a moisturizing product that suits your skin according to the different skin types. You can use a moisturizing cream when your skin is dry in autumn and winter, a white cream during the day, and a night cream. Spring and summer skin is more suitable for using a moist lotion. If you don’t apply a mask at night, you can use a moisturizing product.

4: Isolation products

Isolation products can be applied to both cheeks, forehead, and chin in an appropriate amount. Use the pulp of your middle finger and ring finger to stretch down from both cheeks, expand to the center of your forehead, and then stretch to both sides until fully absorbed.

5: Sunscreen products

Sunscreen products need to choose the category of SPF and PA values according to personal needs and the environment. Generally, the factors that determine the efficacy market of sunscreen depend on the size of the SPF value. Generally, the SPF value is in the category of 15, and the efficacy is often (15X10 minutes = 150 minutes), which means that the sunscreen effect of SPF15 is about 15 times that of 10 minutes. The longer the duration of sunscreen products is not the better, which will overburden the skin. If it is a long-term outdoor work or sports person, it is not recommended to use a high multiple.

If you want to achieve better results with skin care products, you must choose the product that suits your skin and needs according to your personal needs. Not only that, if you want to achieve maximum results, you must use skin care products according to the correct skin care steps.

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