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The correct steps to apply the mud?

1. Wash your face before using the mud: Wash your face before applying the mud to thoroughly clean the excess oil and stains on the face, which is conducive to the skin to better absorb the nutrients of the mud. If not thoroughly cleaned, the stains on the face will enter the skin with the nutrients of the mud, resulting in large pores on the face, blocked hair follicles, and acne.

skin care routine for dry textured skin

2. Apply moisturizing cream before using the mud: Before applying the mud, you should apply moisturizing cream after washing your face, which can prevent dry skin when applying the mask. Especially for dry skin, you need to apply a nourishing moisturizing lotion before applying the facial mud, so that the skin not only achieves the effect of hydrating, but also soothes the facial skin and reduces the irritation of the facial mud to the skin.

3. The method of applying the facial mud should be correct: you can use a special brush to dip some facial mud, and then apply it evenly to the face. Be sure to pay attention to the application sequence of the facial mud on the face, that is, the center of the cheek, the center of the nose, the center of the nose, and the forehead. This is because the temperature will affect the efficacy and penetration of the facial mud. The lower the temperature, the less the facial mud can fully play its role.

4. Thickened face mud: The face mud is different from other moisturizing masks. The face mud can be slightly applied to the face to create a closed “skin care field” on the facial skin. Wipe the face mud on the face more than twice as much as usual. Until the face mud is thinly deposited, wash it with cold water after 10 minutes.

5. Wash the face mud: After waiting for 20 minutes, first remove the unwanted face mud with a brush applied with the face mud. It should be scraped lightly to avoid damaging the facial skin. Then use a professional cleansing face to clean the excess face mud along the skin texture. Remember to wash it from bottom to top, so that the face mud remaining on the face can be thoroughly cleaned.

Construction Steps of Ru Song Texture Paint?

Texture Paint is a decorative paint commonly used on interior walls with a unique textural effect. The following are the general construction steps of Ru Song Texture Paint:

Preparation: Clean the wall to ensure that the wall is clean and flat, and repair any cracks or depressions.

Primer Treatment: Use a primer to treat the wall to enhance the adhesion and hiding power of the paint. A primer suitable for loose texture paint can be selected as needed.

Apply the first pass of loose texture paint: Use a brush or roller to apply the first pass of loose texture paint evenly to the wall. Pay attention to keep the thickness of the coating uniform to avoid obvious differences in paint thickness.

Make texture effect: Before the first loose texture paint is not dry, use special tools (such as scraper, sponge, etc.) to make the desired texture effect on the wall. You can choose different texture methods according to personal preferences, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc.

Brush the second loose texture paint: After the first loose texture paint is completely dry, apply the second loose texture paint. Also pay attention to the uniform thickness of the coating.

Drying and trimming: Wait for the pine texture paint to dry completely, and trim and repair as needed to ensure the overall effect and texture of the wall. It should be noted that the specific construction steps may vary depending on different brands of pine texture paint, so it is best to refer to the product manual or consult a professional before construction to ensure the correct construction methods and steps. In addition, pay attention to good ventilation during construction to avoid direct contact with the paint to cause damage to the skin and respiratory system.

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