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The correct steps of skin care makeup tutorial Light makeup?

1. Cleansing: Before makeup, the first thing to do is cleansing. Take an appropriate amount of warm water, fully soak your hands, gently pat your face a few times to help promote blood circulation, then pour a small amount of facial cleanser into the palm of your face according to the size of your face, rub it with each other to produce foam, gently rub it on your face for a while, and finally rinse with water, which can open pores and remove dirt.

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2. Emollient: After washing the face, place an appropriate amount of toner suitable for your skin type in the palm of your hand, and then apply it according to the bottom-to-top method. First, it can provide sufficient moisture for the skin, making it feel hydrated. Second, it helps shrink pores and plays a protective role. Third, it can lay a certain foundation for the subsequent makeup work, making the makeup more docile.

3. Base: It is a more important step in light makeup. If the base makeup is not properly applied, it is easy to cause blemishes that are not covered, floating powder cards, etc. It is recommended that you must choose a foundation that suits your skin type, such as ivory white, etc., and then apply it to the face according to the method of clicking, which can not only help brighten the skin tone, but also enhance the clear feeling and natural feeling.

4. Setting makeup: After applying the foundation, if your own spots and acne marks are more serious, you can use concealer to cover again, and then use loose powder or powder to evenly pat on the face. First, it can help to fully adjust the skin tone and make the makeup look softer and longer-lasting. Second, it can absorb facial oil and reduce the chance of shiny face.

5. Thrush: In many cases, the appropriate eyebrow shape will have a greater impact on the overall temperament. It is recommended that you can choose at will according to your own face characteristics, such as willow leaf eyebrows, one-word eyebrows, crescent moon eyebrows, etc., and then use an eyebrow pencil to draw from the inside to the outside. Pay attention to keep the eyebrows light, high eyebrows, and bright eyebrows.

6. Eyelashes: Slender eyelashes can make the eyes look more vivid and three-dimensional, and the specifics are relatively simple. First use an eyelash curler to clamp the root of the eyelashes, stick to it for three seconds and then release it to make it curl up, then pick up the eyelash brush, and patiently brush the bottom, inner and outer corners of the eyelashes gently open to help enhance the effect.

7. Blush and lip gloss: Dip a small amount of blush with a blush brush, and brush it on both cheeks in a clockwise rotation method to make the face look ruddy. After that, pick out the appropriate lip gloss and apply it to the lips according to the method of first middle and then both sides. It can not only make the whole person look very fashionable and fresh, but also convenient to use on various occasions.

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