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The correct steps for yellow skin care for beginners?

Yellow skin care mainly masters the following points:

daily skin care routine for pigmentation

1 is to pay attention to skin cleansing and hydration, makeup remover should be thoroughly hydrated in time, and use cosmetics suitable for your skin type to prevent dry and dehydrated skin.

2 is to pay attention to sun protection to avoid melanin precipitation caused by ultraviolet rays. Use skin care products such as sun protection and isolation to avoid skin exposure.

3 is to pay attention to whitening. Usually use whitening and brightening cosmetics. You can use a homemade whitening mask with a ratio of honey and pearl powder 1:1. About three times a week, the effect is good.

Ways to improve pigmentation?

1. Use whitening products: Proper whitening products can help remove pigmentation on the surface of the skin and reduce problems such as dark spots and freckles.

2. Plant essential oils: Lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil and other natural plant essential oils have a certain whitening effect, you can try it.

3. Slight dermabrasion: Slight dermabrasion can remove the aging keratin on the surface of the skin, promote metabolism, and make the skin smoother and more delicate.

4. Pay attention to skin care: use masks, toners and other products regularly. The choice of skin care products should be based on your skin condition. Regularly hydrate and moisturize.

5. Pay attention to diet: eat more foods rich in whitening nutrients such as vitamin C and E, such as lemons, tomatoes, oranges, etc. At the same time, try to avoid eating spicy and irritating foods to prevent aggravating pigmentation.

Oil-sensitive skin care steps?

1. Do not over-clean, do not use cleansing that is too strong. Over-cleaning is not good for sensitive skin. Reduce the number of face washes and use amino acid cleansing.

2. In addition to normal skin care, skin care that reduces any cleansing and peeling effect, such as using acid products and mud film products, is not recommended for the time being.

3. Repair the barrier, use moisturizers that can repair the skin barrier, and supplement ceramides, free fatty acids and other ingredients.

4. Moderately moisturize, pay attention that the moisturizer should not be overly greasy or overly refreshing. Choose moisturizers that suit your skin and are unburdened after applying. The dosage is also very important. Don’t apply too much, the skin will not absorb it, but add burden.

5. Be sure to pay attention to sunscreen in all seasons. If you can’t apply sunscreen, you can use hard sunscreen methods such as wearing hats and umbrellas. First, to avoid pigmentation caused by sun exposure, and second, to reduce skin irritation.

6. Develop good living habits, don’t stay up late, don’t be high in sugar, don’t eat spicy food, maintain physiological and metabolic balance, and help the recovery of oil-sensitive skin.

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