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The correct steps for Yangshengtang skin care products?

1. Toner

extremely oily skin care routine

The first thing you need to use is toner. Before using the toner, you must wash your face and hands, then take an appropriate amount of toner, and gently pat it on the face with the pulp of your middle and ring fingers, which can accelerate the facial lymphatic circulation and promote the skin’s absorption of skin care products.

You can also use a clean cotton pad to dip it and gently wipe it on the face, which can also help the skin absorb. The application method is also exquisite. You should first apply it from the inside out, from the top down, against your pores. This can achieve the effect of secondary cleansing. How meticulous you are to your skin, your skin will return how beautiful you are.

Skin care steps

2. Essence

After completing the previous step, we start to use the essence. The essence is pushed away on the face, then applied from the bottom up, rub both hands hot and cover the face, and pat lightly. This can promote absorption and make the skin firmer. It is best to massage the skin while using the essence, which can help the skin absorb the essence and avoid the essence being wasted.

Draw a circle three times along the contour of the face with both fingers, and draw a large circle on the cheek three times. Draw a large circle three times from the side of the nose to the forehead. Then use the fingertips of the middle finger and ring finger to gently circle three times from the end of the eye, down the bridge of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Use the two index fingers to gently massage outward from the center of the face.

Skin care steps

3. Eye cream

The use of eye cream must be accompanied by massage, otherwise it will be wasted. The correct order of use of eye cream: first take an appropriate amount of eye cream on the ring finger, and face each other with two fingers. After the eye cream adapts to the body temperature of the human body, it starts to fully emulsify. When using eye cream to apply to the skin around the eyes, remember not to pull the skin, especially the eyelids. Use the pulp of your ring finger to quickly tap the skin around the eyes to evenly open the eye cream.

The direction of finger movement should be from the inside out, and use force upward. In order to effectively prevent the appearance of crow’s feet, the application range of eye cream should be fully covered near the temples. In this way, nothing will be missed.

Skin care steps

4, face cream

Cream is the last step in skin care. The cream has the effect of deeply moisturizing the skin and firmly locking in moisture to prevent moisture from being lost. Therefore, after applying the mask, the water milk essence cream is really applied to lock in the moisture.

How to use the cream: Gently place the cream on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, and then apply it gently by circling and pressing from bottom to top. Remember: Do not apply a large area from top to bottom! This is very likely to cause sagging skin.

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