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The correct steps for student party skin care 14 years old?

As a student party skin care, the correct steps are as follows, wash it carefully with a facial cleanser, then wash it with water, gently dry it with a towel, apply a children’s skin cream, it is best not to use adult, it is not good for the skin, it is best not to use facial cleanser in the morning

best skin care routine for 14 year old girl

14 years old Junior high school skin care steps?

It is very important for children in this age group to clean first. Daily care: wash well and carefully with warm water and milk every morning and evening, then rinse with water again, and then take some toner, which can not only replenish water but also control oil. Just take some cream. If it is a weekly care, clean the face first, then deeply clean the pores, then supplement nutrition, apply a moisturizing mask, then wash, drain, and cream. If it is a girl going out, it is recommended to apply some sunscreen.

14-year-old skin care steps?

14-year-old skin belongs to the state of immature. Skin care should remember to be concise and to the point. First of all, you can choose a mild and non-tight facial cleanser to clean your face.

Step 2 is to choose basic moisturizing products to replenish water. Finally, you can choose a more closed face cream product. You can complete the skin care steps.

How to take care of your skin at the age of 14?

Step1 Cleansing: Use a mild facial cleanser with amino acid ingredients. The cleansing effect is to use the bubbles made by the facial cleanser.

Step2 Moisturizing: Just apply the moisturizer directly after washing your face! Don’t touch the functional products! Step3 Sunscreen: Don’t have excessive sunscreen anxiety. Teenagers in this age group should get more sun exposure! If you need to be exposed to the sun for a long time, you still need to apply sunscreen drops~

How does a 14-year-old girl take care of her skin?

Gentle cleansing milk

Using too irritating cleansing products will gradually damage the skin’s oil condition, and even age in advance.

Moisturizing lotion

Choose a lotion that suits your skin type, hydrates the skin and regulates the cortex, restoring the skin’s water and oil balance. For oily skin, you can choose a lotion that contains a little alcohol, which is better for cleaning up sebum and oil pox. It is not recommended for dry skin and sensitive skin.

Moisturizing milk with simple ingredients

In the choice of skin care products, as long as it suits your skin, a bottle of cleansing milk, a bottle of moisturizing water and a moisturizing milk are enough.

If it is not a particularly serious skin problem, it is not recommended to do too much skin care work at the age of 14, because this year’s skin is in the stage of healthy development and can easily be damaged by cosmetics. It is recommended to pay attention to the work and rest time and do more exercise every day to have good skin.

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