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The correct steps for skin care with water emulsion essential oil eye cream?

Step 1: Cleansing

eye cream skin care routine

No matter what skin care products are used, cleansing is an essential first step. Before using water, milk, essence and eye cream, be sure to thoroughly cleanse the face to remove oil and dirt. This will allow the skin to better absorb the nutrients of the skin care products.

Step 2: Water

Water is the first and most basic step of skin care products. Using water can help regulate the skin’s water-oil balance and enhance the skin’s ability to absorb subsequent skin care products.

Step 3: Essence

Essence is the most concentrated ingredient in skin care products and has a strong repairing and nourishing effect. The use of essence can help improve the texture of the skin, repair skin problems, and also improve the anti-aging ability of the skin.

Step 4: Milk

Lotion is a kind of skin care products, and its texture is between water and cream. The use of lotion can help the skin maintain water and oil balance, while providing the skin with sufficient nutrients and moisture.

Step 5: Eye cream

The eye area is the thinnest part of the human skin, and it is also the place where fine lines and wrinkles are most likely to appear. Therefore, the use of eye cream is very important. The eye cream can help tighten the skin around the eyes, dilute dark circles and bags under the eyes, and prevent and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use the plant doctor eye cream?

1. First, take two eye creams the same size as rice and point them on the upper and lower eyelids respectively. There is a reason for this. You can’t use too much eye cream.

2. Then use the pulp of your ring finger to massage away from the inside to the outside.

3. Then take advantage of the time when the eye cream has not been fully absorbed and pull it up slightly.

4. Gently tap the eye area with two fingers and massage.

5. Finally, you can heat the palm of your hand a little, and then cover it on your eyes to speed up the absorption of the eye cream.

Correct steps for skin care. Which step is the eye cream used in?

Step 3: The correct order of use of the eye cream is to use it in front of the essence after the toner. If you use muscle bottom fluid or lotion, then the eye cream is also before that. The purpose of this is to allow the thin eye skin to better absorb the active ingredients of the eye cream. When applying essence or lotion later, remember to avoid the area around the eyes.

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