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The correct steps for skin care in the morning when acne occurs?

Step 1: Clean, it is easy to get acne if the face is not washed cleanly, but it should not be excessive, so the number of face washes is generally 2-3 times. The water temperature is mainly warm water for any skin and will not irritate the skin.

skin care routine to reduce acne

Step 2: Hydrate and moisturize. The biggest problem with acne skin is the imbalance of water and oil. So deep hydration is particularly important. Use a hydrating repair mask and feel cold and cool after applying it. When you get up the next day, you will find that the skin will become hydrated, not oily and greasy. If you insist on using it for a period of time, the oily condition of the skin will be reduced, the skin state will be much more stable, and there will be less acne.

Step 3: Sunscreen, a must-have skin care step for any skin. Please wipe sunscreen before going out in spring, summer, autumn and winter, especially when you have acne.

How to apply makeup to get acne without getting stuck in powder?

It is easy to get stuck in powder when applying makeup when you have acne. Here are some suggestions that can help reduce the stuck powder:

Moisturizing before makeup: Before makeup, use a moisturizer or moisturizing lotion to provide enough moisture to the skin, which can reduce the situation of getting stuck in powder after makeup.

Use light and thin base makeup products: Choose light and thin base makeup products, such as air cushion BB cream or liquid concealer, to reduce the situation of stuck powder after makeup. Avoid using heavy foundations or concealers, as they are prone to stuck powder on acne areas.

Use soft makeup brushes or sponges: Use soft makeup brushes or sponges to apply foundation evenly to the skin and reduce the situation of stuck powder after makeup.

Focus on moisturizing on acne areas: Use moisturizing products on acne areas, such as moisturizers or pre-makeup lotions, to reduce the situation of stuck powder after makeup.

Use concealer: If the acne is serious, you can use concealer to cover it up. Choose liquid concealer or concealer pen to avoid the situation of stuck powder after makeup.

Dab on makeup: Dab foundation or concealer on the skin, which can make makeup more fit the skin and reduce the situation of stuck powder after makeup.

Avoid using too much makeup: Avoid using too much makeup on the acne, because it is easy to make makeup look unnatural and also easy to cause stuck powder after makeup.

In conclusion, the key to reducing post-makeup sticking powder is to use a light base makeup product, focus on moisturizing the acne area, use a soft makeup brush or sponge to apply makeup, and avoid using too much makeup.

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