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The correct steps for Sister Yao’s skin care?

The correct steps for Sister Yao’s skin care are as follows:

skin care routine for preventing wrinkles while youre young

1. Makeup remover: Use makeup remover oil or makeup remover to thoroughly remove makeup and dirt from the face, allowing the skin to breathe smoothly.

2. Cleansing: Use cleansing products to clean the face, remove oil and dirt, and prepare for subsequent skin care steps.

3. Toning: Use toner or lotion to help regulate the pH of the skin, shrink pores, and improve the absorption capacity of subsequent skin care products.

4. Eye care: Use eye cream or eye serum and gently massage around the eyes to improve problems such as dark circles and bags under the eyes.

5. Essence: Use serum and apply it evenly on the face to help improve skin tone, enhance skin elasticity and moisturization.

6. Face cream: Use cream or lotion and apply it evenly on the face to help lock in moisture, form a protective layer and keep the skin hydrated.

7. Sun protection: Before going out during the day, use sunscreen or barrier cream to effectively prevent damage to the skin from ultraviolet rays.

It should be noted that everyone’s skin type and skin care needs are different, and it may be necessary to adjust the skin care steps and product selection in a targeted manner. At the same time, it is also necessary to adjust the skin care steps and products according to the changes of seasons and environments to achieve the best skin care effect.

The correct way to remove wrinkles on the face?

Keep a good job of facial cleansing every day to ensure the removal of facial dirt and makeup residues and keep the skin clean and hygienic. Choose moisturizing products that suit your skin type and apply them in the morning and evening to help the skin replenish moisture and reduce the generation of wrinkles. Strengthen sun protection. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days to avoid skin aging caused by ultraviolet radiation and deepen wrinkles. Massage the face correctly to promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and fade wrinkles. Adequate sleep and a balanced diet can help promote healthy skin and reduce the occurrence of wrinkles. Avoid excessive use of irritating and matte skin care products, so as not to damage the skin barrier and cause wrinkles to worsen. With age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity. Medical and aesthetic means, such as injections of hyaluronic acid or collagen, can fill in wrinkles and reduce their severity.

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