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The correct steps for morning skin care?

Basically: essence – eye cream – toner – lotion, then you can apply barrier cream – sunscreen, and you can go out!

morning skin care routine graphic

But be sure to remember to come back at night to remove makeup. After all, barrier cream and sunscreen also belong to makeup!

The correct steps for washing your face and skin care in the morning?

The correct way to wash your face in the morning:

1. Try to wash your face with warm water.

2. Cleaning products should be selected correctly. For people with dry skin and sensitive skin, you should wash your face with water in the morning. For people with other skin types, it is best to wash your face with a facial cleanser.

3. If you wash your face with a facial cleanser, you must lather the facial cleanser, so that you can really play the role of a facial cleanser.

There are a large number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands on the face, which will secrete some substances to protect the facial skin and form a protective film on the face. This protective film is slightly acidic and has strong sterilization and skin care effects.

However, if you use alkaline soap, it will destroy the protective effect of this protective film and stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete too much oil.

The correct steps for skin care in the morning in winter?

Step 1: Cleansing. Choose gentle cleansing products in the morning, or wash directly with warm water, try to choose a flowing water source, and avoid excessive cleaning. I have not used cleansing in the morning for many years, and the skin will only get better.

Step 2: Toner. In winter, you can choose toners of different textures according to the skin type. It is recommended to use a cotton pad or put the toner in the palm of your hand to heat it up manually, which can better promote skin absorption.

Step 3: Essence. Choose moisturizing essences, and whitening essences can be used at night. In addition to normal skin care effects, it is more conducive to subsequent makeup compliance.

Step 4: Lotion/Cream. Unless it is a large dry skin, you can choose one of the two. The same is manually heated in the palm of your hand. Pay attention to massage and pat to promote absorption.

Step 5: Eye cream. Apply eye cream in the morning as well, and don’t ignore the eye skin.

Skin care process and order of use?

Skin care is accurately divided into two types. The first is night skin care, and the second is morning skin care. Morning skin care is mainly to make the skin better and determine the natural and lasting makeup of your makeup. Generally, night skin care is more important than morning skin care. It can determine the state of your skin when you wake up the next morning and repair some problems with your skin.

Morning skin care sequence: cleansing → lotion → eye cream → essence → lotion → face cream → eye cream → sun protection.

Evening skin care sequence: makeup remover → cleansing → mask → lotion → eye cream → essence → lotion → face cream

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